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Dates That Matter

Upcoming Dates and Topics:

January 24, 1848 - Clue: The world "rushes" to California.
Answer: Gold is discovered at Sutter's Creek.

January 25, 1924 - Clue: France hosts a chilly athletic event.
Answer: The first Winter Olympics are held.

January 26, 1945 - Clue: The world gets its first look at the Holocaust.
Answer: The Soviets liberate the Auschwitz concentration camp.

January 27, 1926 - Clue: John Baird demonstrates a new way of sending pictures.
Answer: The first television is demonstrated.

January 28, 1986 - Clue: A tragic explosion and the world mourns.
Answer: The Challenger space shuttle explodes just after take off.

January 29, 1845 - Clue: A poet declares "Nevermore!"
Answer: Edgar Allan Poe publishes his poem "The Raven."

January 30, 1649 - Clue: An English king is executed.
Answer: Charles I of England is beheaded in the English Civil War.