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Infinite Canvas - Microsoft Live Labs

K to 12
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Use this virtual canvas to montage online images, create image-only comic strips, slideshows, and more. NO membership is required! Choose Create, then add images for your "canvas"...more
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Use this virtual canvas to montage online images, create image-only comic strips, slideshows, and more. NO membership is required! Choose Create, then add images for your "canvas" presentation using image URLs. To add multiple images, use a semi-colon after each URL. All added images will appear according to the sequence in which you have added the URLs. At the time of this review, Infinite Canvas does not support uploading images directly. You can use any online image, so place your images on a web services such as Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack or Imgur. Browse such services to fetch interesting Creative Commons licensed images. Note that there is no way to add text unless it is an online image. After you have entered the image URLs, click Save and enter your "Comic Name", "Comic Passcode." Author's name, and Save again. Remember your passcode, or you will not be able to save edits. You can prevent projects from showing in the public pages by unchecking the "Publish to Directory" box, but you will need to SAVE the url on your own so you can find it again. This might be a safer option for content created by classes or students. Note:There are many publicly created comic strips/presentations on the main page. Several are not classroom appropriate. Please preview any that you plan to share with students or direct them to the tool itself, bypassing the shared projects.

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In the Classroom

Map your entire lesson, chapter, or unit visually on one canvas. Once you introduce the concept with this tool, you can go back to it often with your students to help them visualize as you move to different parts of the unit. It would provide a great review if you were doing this on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Or you could post this to your wiki, web page, or even give students the URL of the Infinite Canvas for them to review as needed. However, you do not have to stop there. Try having the students map a concept or chapter with this tool. In history class, create visual timelinesor photo montages of events relevant to the curriculum. Have students create an Infinite Canvas for different events, and then post the link of their product on a class blog or wiki. Add a peer review component and require students to comment on at least two other Infinite Canvases. Speech/language teachers, ESL/ELL teachers, or world language teachers could create "comics" to have students discuss orally as a way to practice vocabulary and language skills. Art classes can collect images to illustrate a design element or a period in Art History. Create a visual "name it and claim it" montage of paintings for students to identify the artist or time period.

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