TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of June 17, 2017

1.There are 17 students in Madison's English class. If they bring 60 cupcakes to celebrate surviving summer school, and share them equally, how many will be left over for the teacher to eat?

2.Your thermometer has four lines between 70 and 80. Yesterday the high temperature was two lines above 90. How hot was it?

3.Which food belongs in the group of which you should have the fewest servings per day?

4.Which unscrambled summer word comes last in the dictionary?

5.___________, the brightest star visible in the night sky, is also known as the "Dog Star."

6.Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan stories could also be called:

7.FEMA and EF5 are abbreviations you might hear in news stories about

8.Ralph's lawn sprinklers use 15 gallons of water per minute. If he waters every 7 days, running the sprinklers for 45 minutes each time, how much water will he use on his lawn during the hottest twelve weeks of summer?

9.Which sentence has an incorrect verb?

10.Who was most likely to be offended by the Declaration of Independence?