TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of October 20, 2017

1.Which of the following is contains a stimulant? (10 points)

2.George Washington owned a plantation called: (10 points)

3.An elephant and a donkey sometimes are used as symbols for (10 points)

4.Which does not use renewable energy source? (10 points)

5.Which has the most states along its southern border? (20 points)

6.Which of the following would earn you the largest total? (20 points)

7.Which sentence is correct? (5 points)

8.This figure from the American Revolution was also a silversmith. (5 points)

9.In the number 3487.57639, which digit is in the ten-thousandths place? (5 points)

10.Which of these occurs last in the calendar year? (5 points)