TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of May 26, 2017

1.Two popular book titles by the poet Shel Silverstein are about a distant part of the sidewalk and ... (10 points)

2.Spiders are a part of this group of creatures (10 points)

3.Salmon swim upstream to: (5 points)

4.The number of prime numbers between (but not including) 20 and 50 is (10 points)

5.Which pair is an incorrect match? (5 points)

6.Which comes last in this group? (20 points)

7.Which sentence is grammatically correct? (5 points)

8."Fossil fuels" are fuels than come from: (10 points)

9.The British call this game football. The Americans call it: (5 points)

10.As of June 25 of any year, which of the following is true: (20 points)