TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of April 20, 2018

1.An artistic creation with many objects hanging from a moving wire frame is called a: (5 points)

2.If you had 12 pairs of socks in your drawer and three of the socks got lost in the laundry, what fraction would you have left? (10 points)

3.Which is not a good way to prevent illness? (5 points)

4.The tallest mountains in the United States are in this state. (10 points)

5.Which tells you how well a sunscreen will work? (10 points)

6.Dan is older than Carly and April, who is two years younger than Walker. Manuel is older than Walker and Carly. The sum of the ages of the youngest and the oldest is six, and no two are the same age. Which two are the youngest? (20 points)

7.Which major river is formed in Pittsburgh? (10 points)

8.Who has the longest trip home after the Boston Marathon? (20 points)

9.Which was invented first? (5 points)

10.This vehicle helped to settle the West... (5 points)