TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of October 21, 2016

1.Sam needs to fly from Chicago to Los Angeles. All of the flights make one stop. Which stop would be the least efficient in terms of flying time? (10 points)

2.The least common multiple of 2, 3, and 4 is: (5 points)

3.Which falls in a different month? (10 points)

4.John, Mary and Susie are all over the age of 9. The sum of their ages is 43. John is 2 times as old as Mary. Susie is 3 years older than Mary. How old is Susie? (20 points)

5.Which animal is in the wrong habitat? (10 points)

6.Which is not a form of precipitation? (5 points)

7.There are 17 girls in Susan's Girl Scout troop. If they put 60 cookies on a plate and share them equally, how many will be left over for the leader to eat? (5 points)

8.Who comes next in this historic sequence? Lyndon, Richard, Gerald, Jimmy, Ronald, George, ... (20 points)

9.What part of a history book tells you the page where a particular event is mentioned? (5 points)

10.If you take the sum of the number of stars in the U.S. flag and the number of stripes, and divide by the number of Supreme Court justice seats, you get: (10 points)