TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of March 24, 2017

1.In a standard set of 7 tangrams, how many ways can you create a shape congruent with the largest triangle by using one or more of the remaining 6 pieces? (20 points)

2.Which of the following must you have to run a steam engine? (5 points)

3.The vernal equinox is the first day of: (5 points)

4.Which are NOT synonyms? (5 points)

5.Which word would be located closest to "thaw" in the dictionary? (5 points)

6.Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation which: (10 points)

7.Which type of graph works best to show how things change over a period of time? (10 points)

8.Two states with large peninsulas are: (10 points)

9.If you are "on the brink," you are: (10 points)

10.You're learning about money in a strange country. Six biggles equal one frink. Five boggles equal one biggle. How many boggles are there in a frink? (20 points)