TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of April 16, 2018

1.A flight lands leaves San Diego at 4:50 Pacific Daylight time and lands in Chicago at 6:18 local time. How long was the flight?

2.Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?

3.Sue, Fred, and Alicia want to travel 250 miles from Washington to New York on a certain day. Sue takes the train, which costs $85. John drives his car, which costs 40.5 cents a mile to operate. Alicia splits the cost of a minivan three ways with two other girls, but the minivan costs 45.5 cents a mile plus $50 per day. Whose travel costs least?

4.Your adrenal glands are located:

5.Which describes the girl who tells derogatory stories behind her friends' backs?

6.Which continents touch the Tropic of Capricorn?

7.Brent has two more than twice the number of DVDs that Brian has. Brian's girlfriend Cam has seven fewer than Brian does, but she has one for every week of the year. How many more DVDs does Brent have than Brian?

8.Which proverb, when completed, warns against duping?

9.Which nonsense word would mean "inflamation of the blood?"

10.Your sock drawer has 10 red socks, 8 blue socks, 6 green socks, 5 white socks, 2 gray socks, 1 brown sock, and an old yo-yo. What are the chances that the first sock you remove will be blue?