TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of January 12, 2017

1.Which of these invented words is most likely to be the name of a specialist who would work in ponds in New Hampshire in winter?

2.Abraham Lincoln was first elected president in this year.

3.Which is greatest?

4.Mark has resolved to ride his bike to visit his grandmother once a week. If she lives 5 miles from Mark's house and Mark always goes a mile out of his way to stop for a soda on the way home, how many miles will he have ridden on these trips by the end of the year?

5.Genes are often classified as either dominant or:

6.Which line does not contain a figure of speech?

7.Freddy's Fireworks sells sparklers 25 for $4.99. Bobby's Blow-M-Up sells them 18 for $3.69. Alice's Expo sells them 30 for $7.00. Elmo's Emporium sells them for $.25 each. Louie's Light-up sells them 16 for $7.99. Which store has the best deal?

8.If a council of five students is to proportionately represent a student body of 600 seventh graders and 400 sixth graders, how many sixth graders should be on the council?

9.According to a biologist, which does not belong to the same group of animals?

10.Sue and Fred want to take the 250-mile trip from New York to Washington to see President-Elect Trump's inauguration. Sue plans to take the train, which costs $85. John is going to drive his car, which costs 50.5 cents a mile to operate. Which one-way trip costs less and by about how much?