TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of February 22, 2017

1.Which would you find in a cemetery?

2.In which city was Washington first sworn in as president:

3.Which has NOT been in the news recently?

4.The Eiffel Tower, the famous wrought-iron landmark in Paris, was designed and built by the French civil engineer Gustave Alexandre Eiffel for the Paris World's Fair of 1889. Eiffel designed the iron framework for what other well-known structure?

5.Which sentence is correct?

6.As a boy, Washington had 50 logs to split. If he split half the logs into three pieces each and the other half into four pieces each, how many sticks of firewood did he have when he was finished?

7.At 9 am on Mar 1, 2008, in Tokyo, what was the date and time in New York?

8.During the Revolutionary War, Washington made a famous night-time crossing of this river.

9.Which word is never used as a verb?

10.DNA stands for: