TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of February 10, 2018

1.A soldier's pace is 36 inches. About how many paces will he take to walk a 2.5 mile parade route for Presidents Day?

2.Are parents always boss us around. They only leave us go to the mall with supervision. My brother and I don't really mind, though. Weed rather stay home and play video games while they go out. Sometimes the piece and quiet of home is nice.
How many grammatically correct sentences are there in this paragraph?

3.Which month is likely to have the lowest average HIGH temperature in Capetown?

4.The news media are already talking about mid-term elections because:

5.Marian Anderson was a gifted:

6.Which has a greater number of dimensions?

7.Slaves could always:

8.Which of these does not belong?

9.Which sentence uses an incorrect idiom?

10.Caucuses and Primaries are