TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of June 23, 2017

1.In what time zone do you find the easternmost point in Canada ? (5 points)

2.What two numbers come next in this sequence. 5, 25, 10, 6, 36, 20, 7, 49, 30, 8, (20 points)

3.Which sentence is correct? (10 points)

4.An "audible" on a football field is: (10 points)

5."Mr. Pomeroy is an august gentleman who articulates his opinions diplomatically." The name of a month, in this sentence, has more to do with: (10 points)

6.Which does not border Vermont? (5 points)

7.The Heron's flat-roof house has a very large tree nearby. When Mrs. Heron stood on the roof and used a laser tool to measure the distance from the top of the closest corner of the house on a level line to the tree, she measured 12 feet. When she measured from that same corner up at an angle to the top of the tree, she got 20 feet. How much taller is the tree than the house? (10 points)

8.The Chinese proverb, "Teachers open the door but you must walk through it yourself" is really about (20 points)

9.Which scientist is incorrectly paired with the item he/she might study? (5 points)

10.Which is not a renewable resource? (5 points)