TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of April 20, 2018

1.It can make the sky instantly dark, change the weather, and keep airplanes on the ground across a continent and further. What is it? (10 points)

2.Which event is not in the same month as the others? (20 points)

3.In the 19th century, people used oil from these large mammals in lamps. (5 points)

4.Which one flows in the opposite direction from the others? (5 points)

5.A bag of toys has 2 items of equal price and one that costs $1 less. The total purchase price, including 6% tax, was $25.30. How much was the cheaper toy? (10 points)

6.Which term does not fit with the rest? (20 points)

7.The "Miracle Worker" helped a special young girl to do this. (5 points)

8.Which would have the saltiest water? (5 points)

9.Madagascar is an island off the coast of: (10 points)

10.Which section is across the back of the stage during a concert? (10 points)