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Dates That Matter


TeachersFirst’s  Dates That Matter  provides a new perspective on history by placing each day-in-history event in broader context and explaining its long-term impact. History is a fabric woven of many events, and Dates That Matter helps students see the full tapestry.

Dates That Matter display on a projector-ready screen: A single sentence reveals something about the date. Viewers then click to see a sequence of thought-provoking questions to guide them to a greater understanding of interrelationships as they try to guess the actual event. When the historical event finally shows on screen, a further explanation, Why does it matter?, fills in the remaining context and offers reviewed links for viewers to learn more.

See an annotated view of today's event with additional suggestions for classroom use.

See a list of upcoming clues and events for the week ahead. [Warning - This page shows the answers!

In the classroom and beyond:

• Begin your social studies class (grades 6-12) once or twice a week by projecting a Date That Matters on a screen or interactive whiteboard to foster broader understanding of the connections that form world history.

• Put a link to Dates That Matter on your teacher web page for students and families to access and discuss together.

• Use the links from Dates That Matter as extra credit or enrichment opportunities

• Ask each of the gifted students in your class to choose one Date That Matters each month and investigate the related links to become an “expert” on that event.

• Attract the attention of everyone entering a meeting, homeroom, or other event by projecting the date and starting sentence as people enter.

• Start your class Open House or Back to School night with a Date That Matters to get parents thinking about the importance of history.

• Start the PTA meeting with a Date That Matters.

• Share the link with your friends and colleagues who love to learn.

Do you have another idea? Share it with us.