Student Centered Student Edition - Part 1

“Art imitates life.”

Think about the class discussion and responses to these questions:

What are some modern forms of art?

Do any of these represent life for people in the United States? Explain.

Where do artists get ideas (inspiration) for their work?

With these responses in mind, look at the two pieces of art: Iwo Jima Photo - Phantom Towers. Do they give any clues about what was important to people in this county at that time? Write a concluding statement about these images and your class discussion on "art imitates life" on your group's project or wiki page. This statement will serve as an introduction to your own collection of examples where "art imitates life."

Now work with your group to select images of art from the sites below. On the wiki page assigned to you or in your project, include the images and explanations of how the art imitates life in each work. If using a wiki, use links to the works, NOT copies of them. (Right click and select "properties" or "get info" to copy the precise link). Be sure to include full bibliography information as required by your teacher along with the work, not JUST the link.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yale University Art Gallery

Timeline of Art History (from the Met) - helpful information about the time periods of art

Universal Leonardo

Hyper History Online (to find out what "life" was like at a given time)

Son of Citation Machine tool for making bibliography citations