Figurative Language

A PowerPoint activity about alliteration and personification

Day 2

1. After slides are completed, students will:

  • (On the personification slide) Highlight the object being personified by changing the color of the text to red. Highlight the human characteristic by changing the color of the text to yellow.
  • (On the alliteration slide) Underline the alliterative letters.

2. After all elements have been incorporated, add a uniform slide transition to the show. View the slide show by accessing slide #1 and clicking on the slide show button.

Students who finish early may wish to visit the following site for some extended practice with alliteration and the concepts of rhyme and rhythm in poetry:

Closure: Students will participate in a “round robin” computer lab activity in which they will “visit” each computer and view each student’s PowerPoint. Another option (if using Zoho Show or PowerPoint), share the presentations on your interactive whiteboard or projector and have students narrate their show. IF your students use Zoho Show, share the presentations via URL on your class website for families to view at home.

Discuss the following:

  • “Can you think of any stories or books you know that use personification? Alliteration?
  • “Why might a writer choose to use personification or alliteration?”


Satisfactory completion of the PowerPoint/Zoho show, which must include a title slide, 1 personification, slide (text and clip art), 1 alliteration slide (text and clip art), a uniform transition, appropriate highlighting (as indicated above), and action buttons.

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