Chapter Four - Science Activity

Fred and George have made magical Extendable Ears which they use to hear through walls. With a friend or parent, build your own extendable ears with two soup cans, some electrical tape, and a piece of string.

Materials- Two empty tin cans (soup-cans)
- A long piece of string (8-10 feet)
- Electrical tape

Directions- Take two metal cans and cut off one end on each. Be sure not to leave any sharp edges! Cover the rim with electrical tape just to be certain. Then, make a small hole in the bottom of each can. Now take a long piece of string. Thread the string through the hole in each can, and tie a knot in each end so it can't pull back through the hole.

Once you have done this for both cans, stand as far apart as possible, with the string pulled tight. Have one person hold the can up to their ear while the other person speaks into the can. Take turns speaking and listening through your "extendable ears." They may not be magic like Fred and George's, but they're fun and they really work!