Chapter Eighteen - Geography Activity

In this chapter, Hogwarts students turning seventeen before August 31 begin their apparating lessons. The lessons begin in the great hall, with students seeking to apparate in their hoops on the floor. Think about some place you would like to travel. Is it some place you have already been? Do you know how to get there?


Find a map of the United States and pick a state that you would like to visit. Using that map, determine which other states or countries you would have to visit if you drove there in a car, or that you might fly over if you flew in an airplane. How long do you think that would take? Map out your route, and pick out which cities you would like to visit on your journey. Note- if you are going on a vacation this summer, you might want to consider doing this activity while traveling, and keeping track of that trip. If you do not have a map, consider using an on-line map tool.

Middle School

Using a roadmap or atlas, or using an online map tool, such as, write out directions from your home or school to a destination that you would like to visit. You could choose to visit a local museum, an amusement park, another school, or even another state. Write down which streets and highways you would take to get there.