Lincoln Lesson Idea: Hat Logic

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Elementary

Subjects - Social Studies, Language Arts, History, Writing

Students will demonstrate a deeper understanding of Lincoln by viewing a slideshow and formulating questions within a letter.

Looking for a new way to share Lincoln with younger students? Share the slideshow A Penny, A Problem, A President on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Or have students work on individual laptops (or desktops) to listen to the story on their own. Since audio is available, even the youngest students can participate. After viewing the slideshow, have students write age-appropriate letters to Lincoln asking him specific questions about topics highlighted in the slideshow. In younger grades, discuss the questions together and brainstorm a class list.

If you have a volunteer Dad or community member willing to play the role of Lincoln, invite him to come to your class in costume to answer the class' questions!

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A Problem, A Penny, A President Read the TeachersFirst review

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