Lincoln Lesson Idea: Hometown Teens

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Research, Drama, Writing, Language Arts

Students will compare life in the 1860s to life in the 2000s.

Research what life was like for teens in your hometown in the 1860s. Compare this to life in the 2000s. What were the past times? What was school like? Did they go to school? What was the minimum age to go off to fight in the Civil War? Was there a minimum age? How is this similar or different than the war our nation currently faces? Have students create a video clip sharing their findings (maybe even a reenactment back into the 1860s) to share with families using TeacherTube. If students cannot create the video, have them perform the skit while you record it and upload for the class.

If you are going to video the students and share using TeacherTube, be sure to obtain parental permission first!

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