Lincoln Lesson Idea: The Great Slave Debate

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Government, Debate, Geography

Students will demonstrate their understanding of slavery and the Civil War by researching, debating, and evaluating the positions of the Secessionists, Abolitionists, Unionists, Non-Secessionists, and Compromise Proponents.

Use the site Lincoln Goes To War which provides a ready to go lesson plan about slavery (aligned to National Standards) with your class. Divide your class into five groups (Secessionists, Non-Secessionists, Unionists, Abolitionists, or Compromise Proponents). Allow the groups time to research and prepare for a debate. Consider having students tape the debate and share it via TeacherTube.

Why not have each group write a blog entry defending their position. The five groups could even have a virtual debate using a blog or wiki.

Not familiar with wikis? Why not take a quick tour of TeacherFirst's Wiki Walk-Through.

Web Resources

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TeachersFirst Wiki Walk-Through Read the TeachersFirst review

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