Lincoln Lesson Idea: Reenactment Reels

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Geography, Government, Research, Drama

Students will research and assess Abraham Lincoln and create reenactments depicting the 1860s.

If you are planning for the 200th birthday of Lincoln, check out Lincoln 200 Years! This phenomenal site offers videos about Lincoln and of reenactments. There is also excellent reference information.

Share the videos on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Have students create their own videos of reenactments based on their research. Share the videos on SchoolTube or TeacherTube.

Be sure to obtain parental permission before sharing videos of students.

Web Resources

Lincoln 200 Years Read the TeachersFirst review
SchoolTube Read the TeachersFirst review
TeacherTube Read the TeachersFirst review

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