Lincoln Lesson Idea: The First Lady of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - History, Social Studies, Government

Students will gain a deeper understanding of Mary Todd Lincoln and conclude what her life (and role in U.S. history) was.

The site Whole Lotta Lincoln offers a very unique perspective on Mary Todd Lincoln (in video format), plus lots of other reference information. Preview the video of Mary Todd before sharing it with your class. It does discuss the death of some of her children. Use an interactive whiteboard or projector to share this unique look into the life (and love) of the Lincolns. Have students write a blog entry from the perspective of Mary Todd. What must her life have been like? What advice could she give Michelle Obama or a future first lady?

Use this site with your students who are more focused on interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. These aspects of his (and her) life will provide connections for the students to better understand Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln and U.S. history.

Be sure to preview the video before sharing it with your class, to make sure it is appropriate. It does mention the death of her children and her mental instability.

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Whole Lotta Lincoln Read the TeachersFirst review

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