Lincoln Lesson Idea: Mr. Lincoln, meet Mr. Obama

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School - High School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Government, Current Events

Students will compare and contract Lincoln and Obama and make connections about how the past relives in the future.

This link offers a news article Lincoln's 200th birthday coincides with Obama inauguration. It offers a creative look at Lincoln and Obama. Share this article with your students. Have your class compare Lincoln and Obama. If they both had cellular phones, what do you think they might text to each other? Have students research the two men and then create a fictitious wiki with the text messages that the men might have written back and forth to one another.

If you aren't familiar with what a wiki is, take the TeachersFirst "Wiki Walk-Through."

Web Resources

Lincoln's 200th birthday coincides with Obama inauguration Read the TeachersFirst review
TeachersFirst Wiki Walk-Through Read the TeachersFirst review

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