Lincoln Lesson Idea: Lincoln's Legacy

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Elementary - Middle School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Language Arts, Writing

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance of artifacts in relation to explaining history.

The "Teacher's Guide" at Lincoln's Attic is ready to go and easily adaptable to various grade levels. Topics in this guide include "Who Do We Collect Artifacts," "Do Objects Talk," "What's In A Name," "Can a Letter Change History," and "Oral History Interviews."

Project the discussion questions on your interactive whiteboard or projector, have students write responses to the questions or have a class debate. Print out the activities and use this site as a mini unit. Have students interview a family member for the "Oral History Interview," and have students learn the meaning behind their own names with the lesson, "What's In a Name."

Rather than having students write reaction papers, have students complete a multi-media presentation like a PowerPoint or even a news broadcast. Share the video of the news broadcast on YouTube or another tool such as School Tube, click below for the full review of this site.

Contact a teacher friend from another district (or school) and team up your classes to write letters back and forth (in conjunction with the lesson, "Can a Letter Change History").

Web Resources

Mr. Lincoln's Attic Read the TeachersFirst review
SchoolTube Read the TeachersFirst review

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