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Timeglider - Mnemograph LLC

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Want an incredibly intuitive timeline software that can be used on the web and with more than one person? Use Timeglider as one of the best interactive applications for the ...more
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Want an incredibly intuitive timeline software that can be used on the web and with more than one person? Use Timeglider as one of the best interactive applications for the planning, creating and sharing of history, and other projects. You should be aware that Timeglider is FREE FOR STUDENTS, but not for teachers. You can simply look at timelines related to various topics in history or even current events. Or students can create their own timeline. Users grab the timeline and drag it in order to see different time periods and centuries. Create event spans that can overlap each other and create a greater understanding of how events can influence other events. Zoom out for a broader scope and view of time. Further enhancements will broaden the extent of the zooming capability. As it is web based, use this for collaboration among students. Enter the information for the first timeline including target year. After agreeing to terms, the timeline will open around the target years. Click the green arrow on your timeline box to edit parameters of the timeline and find the share/embed information. Use the mouse to drag along the timeline to a new area. Double click the space in the timeline to enter a title, description, time parameters, importance of the event, etc. or by clicking the "New event/image" tab. Import flickr photos, Wikipedia events, and more by clicking on the "Import" tab. Click on the wrench icon in the upper right for even more tools. Be sure if sharing to click "edit" to edit the timeline and make sure the "Make timeline public" box is checked. This will allow the timeline to be shared with others. Please note that this tool is FREE for students, but is not free for teacher use.

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In the Classroom

Browse through the already created timelines and find a timeline sequence of articles on a specific topic. Social studies and science students can trace current events over time or follow the changes that occur on a topic such as the latest research on cures for cancer or global warming. Also, certain Global issues, emerging conflicts in current events (North Korea, Syria, Iran) and representative timelines to show Iranian and North Korean Nuclear development.

Challenge students to create interactive timelines for any type of class in determining events that were important to its study. For example, discoveries associated with the understanding of the cell, events that shaped their understanding of environmental problems, events that shaped the Industrial Revolution, World Wars, Religion, etc. Use as a project option on a whiteboard in front of the class for a great way to pace and deliver a presentation. Challenge students to create a class timeline highlighting your class's yearly events, units, assignments, and more.

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