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Build with Chrome - Google Chrome and LEGO

K to 12
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Note on this resource: "While you will no longer be able to add new buildings here, please continue to explore the world of buildings..." A worldwide virtual LEGO playground,...more
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Note on this resource: "While you will no longer be able to add new buildings here, please continue to explore the world of buildings..." A worldwide virtual LEGO playground, Build with Chrome offers online LEGO bricks to capture your creativity. Jump right in or take some lessons in the Build Academy from master builder, Vitruvius. Vitruvius guides you through a series of increasingly complex tasks as you unlock more bricks along the way. You must sign in to Google Chrome to publish your completed projects. You will also receive a URL to share your creation! If you do not have a Chrome account, you can take screenshots of the different views to save what you built. Explore other builds through a clickable Google Map. Choose a plot anywhere in the world to build! At the time of this review, Build with Chrome works only on the Chrome web browser and up-to-date Firefox browsers. It also works well on Android mobile devices. iOS mobile devices using the Chrome Browser do NOT support Build with Chrome. (Apple and Google are in competition, remember.) Piece together your ideas using Build with Chrome's collection of colorful bricks.

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In the Classroom

Allow your students to explore a virtual LEGO playground without having to keep the plastic bins organized! Create a whole class account if your students do not have their own emails or use the Gmail sub account trick explained here. Challenge them to see how large a building they can build with only a limited number of bricks. Have your students build two dimensional tessellations or something that represents a geometric shape. Teach basic math concepts such as volume or multiplication by counting brick units. Your students can select a place in the world to build and research the architectural designs associated with that location. Challenge your students to build a design to fit that geographic environment. Encourage your students to locate and research different historical monuments or buildings around the world and recreate them using the virtual LEGO bricks. Have your students research the ecology and climate of where they are building. Your students can construct creations for humans or animals that live in that ecosystem. Integrate writing with your students Build with Chrome creations. Have them write descriptions and explanations of their designs. Your students can also write stories about events that may have occurred at the building they created. Assign your students different regions around the world and challenge them to build a cultural center for the area. Use the Google Maps interface to travel around the world as students use Swipe, reviewed here, to extend their learning and present information of their Build with Chrome building and the culture. Create your own town with the buildings created by your students. Create a newspaper for your town using a site such as Printing Press, reviewed here. This is a great tool for cross-grade activities in a gifted program or sharing among students in several schools.


This is a great idea. My school has a lego club and this would be great for the students. Lorraine, VA, Grades: 1 - 3

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