April 23, 2023

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10 Resources Related to Money Matters

April 2023 is the 20th anniversary of National Financial Literacy Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of understanding financial literacy. Discover ten resources to help you teach financial awareness to your students. 

Grades K-6

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Check out this financial literacy program that includes animated videos with lessons on saving and earning money, entrepreneurship, and charity. Each lesson provides classroom activity guides and several also have family activity guides.

Grades 8-12

Investing for Beginners

Peruse this playlist that includes 17 videos like “Investing for Beginners” and “How to Define Your Investing Personality.” Videos all run less than five minutes, making them perfect for quick introductions to financial topics.

Grades 2-12


This free site teaches students how to prioritize spending using real-life simulations, interactives, and choose-your-own-adventure-style situations. There are three levels: Banzai Jr (ages 8–12), Banzai Teen (ages 13–18), and Banzai Plus for adults.

Grades 9-12

Financial Literacy Resources

Explore six lesson plans designed for ESL/ENL students that cover topics like managing money, credit, debt, banking, and more. Each lesson features media tools such as a budget-builder calculator and an online writing interactive.

Grades 9-12

WeTheEconomy - 20 Short Films You Can't Afford to Miss

Build your understanding of the U.S. economy through a creative, well-organized collection of short films (5–8 min) that explain 20 key concepts. In addition, teachers can obtain a link to free, downloadable lesson materials, activities, and extensions.

Grades 8-12


Try this game that demonstrates the challenges of poverty and the difficult choices facing low-income earners. Throughout the game, players make choices related to income options and spending needs. The game ends when the money is gone or the month ends.

Grades 5-12

The Inflation Calculator

Compare the adjusted value of money in any year from 1800–2022 using The Inflation Calculator. Enter the dollar amount, the initial year, and the final year for comparison to view the adjusted amount.

Grades 8-12

The Fiscal Ship

Learn to manage the federal budget and keep it on a sustainable course. Choose from a menu of tax and spending options to reduce debt levels over the next 25 years. The real challenge to winning is to manage the budget while maintaining your priorities.

Grades 8-12

Economic Games

Find over 40 multiplayer games and 14 simulations to learn economic concepts. Game topics vary from the impacts of patents on research and development to an introduction to the stock market. All games include complete details and an introductory demo.

Grades 3-12

Dollar Street

Think of everyone in the world living on one street; the poorest on the left, the richest on the right, and everyone else somewhere in the middle. That is the setup of Dollar Street, a searchable database sharing the incomes of 264 families worldwide.

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