January 15, 2017

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What is a Device Agnostic Tool?

Device Agnostic tools will work on any device. They are available as both web tool and app. 

Grades 5-12


MathPapa offers algebra instruction for beginner and advanced learners. The tool includes lessons, practice activities, and more.

Grades 6-12

Full Steam Ahead

Become an apprentice or master builder as you complete this interactive to learn about one of Britain's most historic ships. This is a great site for individual or pairs of students to explore on laptops or any other device.

Grades K-12


Showcase your students' work, videos, text, drawings, and images on Seesaw. Teachers, parents, and other students can offer feedback. Use this site to teach younger students safe social media practices.

Game Based Learning

Tools to use for a fun learning adventure. 

Grades K-12


Create and play games using Baambozzle. This tool (available as both an app and on a web browser) would be ideal for BYOD classrooms. Explore the already created games on the site. Use this tool to create reviews for upcoming tests.

Grades 3-12

Oh h1

Try your hand at this logic game. Differentiate the game using the various options at the start of the game.


Tools to create polls, quizzes, and other assessments. 

Grades 9-12


Find, explore, and create polls, surveys, trivia, flashcards, video clips, and more using Playbuzz. Challenge your older students to create their own projects at Playbuzz.

Grades 2-12


Recap is a free video response and reflection tool. Use video to assign work and assess students. Use this tool as an exit "slip" before students leave class. Ask students to explain what they understand and/or still don't understand about a concept.

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