July 11, 2021

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Try a new type of PD this summer! Participate in an upcoming Twitter chat and learn how to use easy-to-implement strategies and tools to craft engaging formative assessments for your students.
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Learn all about Formative Assessment

This week, we’re sharing training resources and web tools to help you learn more ways to formatively assess your students. This section focuses on three resources from TeachersFirst you can use to learn about formative assessment. 

Grades K-12

OK2Ask: Assessment with Student-Centered Tools

Register and immediately view this archived virtual workshop to learn ways to make your formative and summative assessments more effective. Participants will explore several forms of assessment for evaluating student learning.

Grades K-12

Twitter Chat: Assessment Tools and Resources

Learn by reading the replies in this archived Twitter chat where participants discussed using indicators that learning is taking place to drive instruction, explored assessment tools, and shared strategies for integrating those tools and strategies.

Grades K-12

OK2Ask: Easy and Engaging Projects for Your Reading Classroom

View this archived virtual workshop to learn about quick and easy ways to use authentic assessments to refresh your lessons and gauge student comprehension. Take time to explore tools for quick and easy in-class reading projects.

Tools to Engage Students in Formative Assessment

We use formative assessment to monitor student learning and offer ongoing support to meet their needs. Formative assessment is not the final assessment, but rather a check-in on learning during the course of the lesson, unit, or year. Peruse this eclectic selection of tools to use for formative assessment in your lessons.

Grades K-12


Register for a free educator account and access this tool to assess students with polling features, open-ended questions, ratings, and more. You can also upload PowerPoints and PDFs. Once you broadcast your presentation, students can reply.

Grades 6-12


Use the power of AI to create quizzes, questions, and assessments. Copy and paste your content or upload a PDF, then select keywords and terms. Quillionz creates several different types of questions: multiple choice, short response, and more.

Grades 1-12

Quizlet: The End of Flashcards

Enter vocabulary terms and definitions to create virtual flashcards and quizzes to enhance word study. Available as an app or on the web, students can use (and share) flashcards, play practice games, and create practice quizzes.

Grades 5-12


TeachVid uses tools to make world languages understandable using subtitles and text transcripts. Educators use Activity Mode to split activities into learning tasks that offer feedback and track student progress (videos, creating sentences, and more).

Grades 9-12


Combine collaboration and formative assessment with Doozy, a social platform for teams to chat, create quizzes, participate in group games, and much more. Register and create an account to make your social space. Grab the link to invite students.

Grades K-12

Microsoft Forms

Create surveys and collect assessment data in real-time, assign quizzes (or quick checks/exit tickets) with your point values for automatic grading, and create polls on the fly to quickly receive responses for immediate use and feedback.

This Week at TeachersFirst

This week is all about assessment and feedback. Join us for free virtual workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 PM ET and a Twitter chat on Thursday at 8 PM ET.  We are also sharing a blog post on student-centered assessment tools and kindly ask for your input in our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask: Effective Feedback for Student Growth image

Tuesday, 7/13, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Effective Feedback for Student Growth

Join us for this session to learn effective feedback strategies to drive achievement and nurture your students as they acquire new skills like self-reflection and peer review. Explore methods for providing feedback to students.

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  OK2Ask: Engage & Inspire: Comics in the Classroom image

Wednesday, 7/14, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Engage & Inspire: Comics in the Classroom

In this virtual workshop, you will learn to help students create comics that demonstrate both their visual literacy skills and comprehension of the content they are learning. We will also discuss assessment strategies for using comics in the classroom.

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  Twitter Chat: Effective Feedback & Assessment Strategies image

Thursday, 7/15, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Effective Feedback & Assessment Strategies

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. During this chat we will share tech tools that assist in assessing students and providing feedback. We will explore new ideas for how best to assess your students and offer feedback.

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  Student-Centered Assessment Tools for Remote Learning image

Infusing Technology Blog

Student-Centered Assessment Tools for Remote Learning

Developing student-centered assessment opportunities can be a challenge to put into practice. This post shares technology tools that support student-centered assessments that can be applied during remote, blended, or in-person learning.

Discover tech tools and ideas for student-centered assessment »

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Share Your Thoughts With Our Community

Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks "What method do you most often use for formative assessment?" Share your preferred way to formatively assess and then view the replies of other educators.

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