July 17, 2022

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Social Wellness for You and Others

This July, we are recognizing social wellness—a time to encourage the giving and receiving of social support to nurture both yourself and other people. Use this week’s resources to engage students in practicing social wellness, both within themselves and their community. 

Grades K-12

Inspire My Kids

Find inspiring, age-appropriate, real-life stories, videos, and projects to share with children and teens. Use these stories as models for writing activities and essays, or have your students draw inspiration from this site to create comics.

Grades K-12

Random Acts of Kindness

Explore research, videos, inspirational quotes, stories, and posters about random acts of kindness. During history class, find ways kindness has changed the world, or look for times when kindness was dismissed, such as during civil wars or dictatorships.

Grades 3-12


Share positive moments, read helpful tips, find mini-courses, and use daily reminders to increase your happiness. Psychology or sociology classes can use this to experiment with happiness, collecting student or family data throughout the year.

Grades K-8

Big Ideas Video Series

This site provides ten video topics that encourage students to explore different paths to healthy social and emotional development. Concepts include empathy (perfect to share at the start of a new school year!), perseverance, and positive thinking.

Grades 6-12


Along is an online tool for providing digital check-ins and reflection activities to students. Use audio, video, or text to check your students' social wellness or while reading a novel or completing a long project to check if they have questions.

Grades K-12


WellCheq is a digital application that provides a daily wellness check-in for students. Students log in each day and answer two questions—how are you feeling today, and how are you doing overall? Use this tool to check in with each of your students.

Grades K-5


Partake in five-minute videos, a series of pop-up questions, and a collaborative activity as a culminating project. Topics focus on classroom behavior and promoting positive student attitudes toward themselves, others, and school.

Grades K-5

Emotional ABC's Curriculum

Search these 20 sequential workshops that teach students to use facial and body clues to recognize and deal with emotions. In addition to the included lessons, the curriculum consists of student activities, videos, printables, and educator resources.

Grades K-12

Change Begins at School

Skim through these resources that encourage social responsibility and help students develop social and emotional skills. As your students complete the activities, extend learning by having them create digital stories to demonstrate understanding.

Grades K-12

Start Empathy Toolkit

This resource provides a roadmap and materials for teaching empathy to students in all grades. The 85-page downloadable PDF guide focuses on three steps to learning: prepare, engage, and reflect & act. Find activities for your class.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us for free virtual workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 PM ET.  We are also sharing a blog post related to self-care and kindly ask for your input in our weekly poll.

  OK2Ask: Blended and Remote Learning with Microsoft Forms image

Tuesday, 7/19, 6 PM ET (2 hour session)

OK2Ask: Blended and Remote Learning with Microsoft Forms

Join us for this free workshop and learn to use Forms to personalize instruction, accommodate learner differences, foster independent learning, implement formative and summative assessments, and support remote teaching.

Create a form for instructional use or data collection »

  OK2Ask: 3 Cool Tools for Persuasive Writing image

Wednesday, 7/20, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: 3 Cool Tools for Persuasive Writing

Now more than ever, readers and writers must be able to distinguish between fact and opinion and identify supporting evidence. Join this workshop to look at three tech tools that help authentic, persuasive writing.

Understand how facts, opinions, and evidence come together to form an argument »

  Fostering Social Wellness in the Classroom image

Infusing Technology Blog

Fostering Social Wellness in the Classroom

Acknowledging and focusing on your own and your students’ emotional needs in your classroom can strengthen social wellness and help build meaningful relationships. This recent blog post shares examples of how you can include social wellness in your plans.

Discover ideas to use in your lessons »

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This week our poll asks, "How will you take care of your own social wellness this month?" Share your choice and view the responses of other educators once you click submit.

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