July 25, 2021

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Take Flight in Your Lessons

The world celebrates Amelia Earhart Day every year on July 24. Although the day has passed, the resources shared in this section fit well with any unit about air and flight. Save your favorites to share with your students when you return to the classroom this fall! 

Grades 6-12

Amelia Earhart - The Official Website

Check out this informational website intended to honor the life, the legend, and the career of Amelia Earhart. Read about Amelia’s achievements and view quotes, photos, videos, and facts.

Grades 5-12

Black Wings: The Life of African American Aviation Pioneer William Powell

Inspire future aviators or encourage students to pursue their dreams with this site that traces African American aviators through the years. There are many images and short passages of text. They are currently highlighting aviator William Powell.

Grades 4-12

U.S. Air Force Museum

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force has created this site full of great information related to aviation. Visit the Collections area to find lesson plans divided by age (such as how to build a propeller), resource guides, and other information.

Grades 6-12

Women with Altitude

Discover the stories of women who achieved aviation firsts with this interactive timeline that begins with Hilda Hewlett, Harriet Quimby, and Raymonde De Laroche—the first women to receive pilot's licenses—in 1910 and continues to present day.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List - Flight and Things that Fly

This collection of books shares about creatures that fly and the many ways that people have used flying machines. Learn how things fly—either by nature or human engineering! Read about birds, aircraft, and the people who have pioneered human flight.

Out of this World - Space Resources

In honor of Space Exploration Day on July 20th, we’re sharing resources to help your class learn more about space, the planets, the moon, and more. Plan to infuse your lessons with the interactives and activities shared in this section. 

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Universe and Space - Science Resources

Peruse this curated list of resources for all grades to find the top picks from our editors related to the universe and space. Read the classroom use ideas to find inspiration and technology integration suggestions.

Grades 3-12

Space School Musical

Introduce students to planets, the moon, and more with this "hip-hopera" correlated to science standards. The complete show runs about 30 minutes, but the materials are designed to be used either as a whole production or as individual, stand-alone parts.

Grades 6-12


Prepare to be amazed by the incredible features found on this interactive map of the Milky Way created with images taken during space missions. View the tutorial video explanations and zoom in and out when viewing images.

Grades K-12

NASA Image and Video Library

Do you need "out of this world" images? NASA provides free images, video, and audio for non-commercial use. Browse through the newest uploads or most popular items to get an idea of what’s available, or use the search bar to find what you are looking for.

Grades 3-12

Solar System Exploration

Choose a destination within the solar system to explore facts, information, and images, or scroll down the home page to read about the latest news about the solar system. Dig deeper into the site to learn about careers in space, space missions, and more.

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We invite you to join us for our virtual summer learning workshops that continue this Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re also sharing a related blog post and kindly request your input on our weekly poll.

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Tuesday, 7/27, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Facts Are Facts...Aren’t They?

Can your students tell facts from fiction? Join us to learn strategies to help your students determine if information is reliable. Explore tools and strategies for teaching media literacy and plan a learning activity.

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Wednesday, 7/28, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Authentic Assessment with Flipgrid, Sway, and more!

In this session, we will explore how you can use Flipgrid, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway to create better formative and summative assessments that reliably measure student learning, promote critical thinking, and help students develop real-world skills.

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  Enhance Your Social Studies Curriculum with Podcasts image

Infusing Technology Blog

Enhance Your Social Studies Curriculum with Podcasts

Adults and kids love entertaining and informative podcasts, so why not take advantage of this tool and bring it into your social studies classroom? This blog posts shares several popular podcasts with social studies themes (some related to aviators).

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