June 23, 2019

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Get Tweeting! It is Social Media Day

Do you remember life before social media? This week we highlight a variety of social media resources in celebration of Social Media Day (June 30, 2019) and the many ways that social media keeps us connected.

Grades K-12

Twitter Chat: Using Social Media to Build a Sense of School Community

This Twitter chat archive offers a great introduction to using social media as a way to build sense of community. Understand the value of strengthening and building a united school community and the benefits of using social media to impact school culture.

Grades K-12

Social Media in Plain English

Enjoy this short and simple video as you journey to "Scoopville," a fictitious town used to demonstrate the many "flavors" of social media. Although slightly dated, the video shares the benefits of trying new technology and learning together.

Grades 1-12

OK2Ask®: Social Media Literacy: Purposeful Practice in Every Classroom

Watch this OK2Ask virtual workshop archive to learn about strategies and tools for helping students to be more social media savvy. Discover practice spaces focused on digital citizenship, critical thinking, persuasion, and communication skills.

Social Media in the Classroom

From Pinterest to social media guidelines to lessons for secondary students, these three resources focus on ways to successfully use social media in the classroom.

Grades K-12

The Guide to Pinterest for Educators

Find tips and information for managing Pinterest as a powerful learning tool in this guide, divided into eight simple sections. Learn the basics of pinning, organizing, collaborating, and more. Share with colleagues interested in using Pinterest.

Grades K-12

Social Media: Digital Literacy + Citizenship

Read about social media guidelines for students, parents, and educators. There are sections for those under and over age 13. Learn about the student's, educator's, and family's role in responsible social media behavior. Share on your class site or blog.

Grades 7-12

MediaLit Moments

Hone in on middle school and high school students with these short lessons designed to foster an understanding of how to use social media responsibly. Lessons include videos, online materials, activities, and key questions related to core concepts.

Create for Social Media

Enhance your social media posts with these three creative tools.

Grades K-12


Combine favorite quotes and images for social media use. Simple-to-follow steps make it easy to create beautiful static or animated quotes and to post them on social media.

Grades K-12


Design and share videos for social media platforms. Choose from several templates or go straight to the video editor to begin creating. Add your own images, text animation, clip audio, video, transcripts, URLs, and more to personalize.

Grades K-12


Create social media images, banners, animated designs, and more with Crello. Use your own images or choose from the extensive library of templates and photos. To begin, select the type of media to create, open your workspace, and start creating.

This Week at TeachersFirst

You are invited to read and comment on the latest Infusing Technology blog posts; be among the first to register for free, virtual professional learning opportunities; participate in our summer book study; and tell us about social media use in your classroom. 

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Be Inspired to Try Something New

TeachersFirst Blog: Infusing Technology

Read insightful and informative posts on Flag Day, ClassTag (Tech Tool of the Month), Symbaloo Learning Paths, Social Media Day, and more in our weekly blog, Infusing Technology.

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Free, Quality Professional Learning

Summer OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

Registration is now open for Summer 2019 OK2Ask virtual workshops. Topics include: Google Mania, coding in the elementary classroom, Fliphunts, classroom management, primary sources, and much more.

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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Summer Book Study

Our summer book study features the book Integrating Technology in the Classroom, 2nd Edition by Boni Hamilton. Discover technology tools and projects that resonate with your teaching style and classroom context. Hurry, space is limited.

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Social Media Guidelines

Weekly Poll

Do you allow the use of social media in your classroom? Do students use social media only for assignments? Or, are they allowed to use it independently? Or, do you restrict all use of social media? Share your social media guidelines with our community.

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