May 12, 2024

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Celebrate International Museum Day

International Museum Day (May 18) spotlights the vital role museums play in preserving cultural heritage, sparking curiosity, and creating accessible pathways to lifelong learning. This globally celebrated occasion is the perfect opportunity to tap into a wealth of educational resources available through museums: virtual field trips, interactive tours, lesson plans, classroom activity guides, images, and more. Celebrate the magic of museums by exploring these dynamic digital resources that foster inquiry, critical thinking, and an appreciation for humanity's shared journeys.

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Grades 1-12

The Baltimore Museum of Art - Teacher Resources

The Baltimore Museum of Art offers educators resources that support classroom curriculum and enhance student learning across disciplines, including teacher guides, family activities, and detailed lessons about artwork featured in the museum.

Grades 8-12

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Explore the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum website to learn about the effects and aftermath of nuclear war. Explore the virtual museum to view exhibits about the damage caused by the atomic blast and hear recorded testimonies of survivors.

Grades 6-12

National Museum of Natural History Virtual Tours

Go on virtual tours of current, past, and permanent exhibits and take advantage of tours narrated by museum staff. Click on a featured exhibit to view a map of the exhibit area and hover over the hotspots to see what’s included in the tour.

Grades 5-12

Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston

Explore this cool museum’s past exhibitions to help your students experience contemporary art virtually. The exhibitions cover many topics and include teacher guides, descriptions, interviews, newspaper articles, and more to share with your students.

Grades 2-12 Virtual Trips

Using open-source resources, provides access to over 150 immersive virtual tours worldwide. You can seamlessly transport your students to museums, historic sites, zoos, and more online. Explore the interactive maps and read the descriptions.

Grades 7-12

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Deepen your students' understanding of the Holocaust with free resources from the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Start with an introduction that contains key facts, articles, and a media gallery that features a variety of Holocaust-related topics.

Grades 6-12

Google Arts and Culture

This unique collaboration between Google and many of the world's most respected art museums enables viewers to discover thousands of artworks in extraordinary detail. Visit more than 2,000 museums without leaving the classroom!

Grades 6-12


Take a virtual field trip to “Americans,” a National Museum of the American Indian exhibit that explores the American Indian identity since before the birth of the United States. Click on images of artifacts to read and learn more about them.

Grades K-12

The Walters Art Museum

Explore resources that will help you teach cross-curricular lessons in any core subject area. Search “Teacher Resource Kits” to find integration lessons about ancient civilizations in Greece and Egypt.

Grades 6-12

The Memory Palace

Check out this unique site, which offers a storytelling podcast created by an artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Choose any of the 100+ episodes to listen to a real-life story and view episode notes online.

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A curated collection for your lessons

TeachersFirst's Virtual Field Trips

Visiting museums and famous landmarks may be outside your school's budget, but the next best thing is to take students around the world virtually! Take your class worldwide with this curated list of free virtual field trip resources.

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Infusing Technology Blog

Posts related to Virtual Field Trips

Our Infusing Technology Blog contains teaching strategies, tools, and resources. Check out this collection of posts related to virtual field trips, many of which include virtual museum visits you and your students can view in class!

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