November 15, 2020

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Media literacy is an important skill for people of all ages to learn. TeachersFirst® has curated collections to help you teach students about media literacy. You'll also find an archive of an OK2Ask® virtual workshop to help you learn more about this important literacy and ways you can use technology to teach it. 

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Media Literacy Resources

Media literacy is a set of skills that help people analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Peruse this curated list of resources to find ideal tools to use to teach your students media literacy.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Research Resources

Use this collection of resources to engage your students in research and help them practice media literacy skills. Research requires planning, execution, and digging deep. Find lesson ideas, activities, and resources for teaching research skills.

Grades 1-12

OK2Ask: Facts Are Facts...Aren't They?

In this archived virtual workshop, educators explored tools for teaching media literacy and learned strategies that promote critical examination of online resources.

Lesson Plans and Activities for Media Literacy

This section offers an eclectic mix of resources and lesson plans for all grade levels. Read through the descriptions to find the ideal tool for your students. 

Grades K-12

Project Look Sharp

Promote media literacy education and critical thinking skills with the offerings available on this site for grades K-12. The free kits include teacher guides and lesson plans, handouts, assessments, and correlating digital media.

Grades 6-12

Media Smarts

Browse through several topics such as digital and media literacy to explore articles related to television, Internet, and gender issues. An extensive teacher resource section offers many lessons and resources searchable by grade, subject, and media type.

Grades 6-12

News and Media Literacy Resource Center

Peruse this extensive collection of lesson plans related to current news, social discussion topics, and media literacy. Scroll further down the page to find curated collections for news literacy, media literacy, and social and cultural literacy.

Media Literacy Interactives & Games

Games and interactives are a great way to increase comprehension of any topic—including media literacy. Engage your students with these three diverse sites to learn more about reading for facts and avoiding bias. 

Grades 6-12

NewsFeed Defenders

Learn how to find and deal with disinformation and misinformation through this news media literacy game. Players find and identify misinformation and factual portions of a news story. Log in to a free educator account to find an educator guide.

Grades 6-12

The Republia Times

Explore the limitations of not having a free press by becoming a newspaper editor for a dystopian community. The task is to select which articles paint a positive picture of the world by reading a one-sentence summary and looking at the headlines.

Grades 5-12

Newspaper Map

Click on pins on this colorful map to locate and read newspapers from around the world to find examples of bias and truth. Don't worry if newspapers are not in the language you need—use the links provided to translate them.

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This week is hopping with professional learning opportunities! Join us on Tuesday for our next virtual workshop and Thursday for our bi-monthly Twitter chat. Take a moment to read a related post and give your input in our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask: SWAY Cool Reading image

Tuesday, 11/17, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: SWAY Cool Reading

Find out how Microsoft Sway can help you implement a blended learning approach to reading comprehension instruction. Join us to learn three active reading comprehension strategies and understand where these strategies fit in the instructional cycle.

Plan for the use of Sway during reading instruction »

  Twitter Chat: Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom image

Thursday, 11/19, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom

Join us this Thursday to discuss developing awareness and understanding of different perspectives and to explore critical-thinking approaches, such as the ability to identify and question assumptions, evaluate arguments, and pose counter-arguments.

Learn strategies to practice and improve communication skills »

  Why You Should Be Teaching Media Literacy in Your Classroom image

Infusing Technology Blog

Why You Should Be Teaching Media Literacy in Your Classroom

Check out this blog post to learn more ways to educate yourself and engage your students in learning media literacy. Learn ways to incorporate media literacy throughout your curriculum as a normal part of everyday activities—not as miscellaneous lessons.

Read all about media literacy »

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This week our poll asks: "How do you integrate media literacy lessons in your classroom?" Once you submit your reply, view the responses of other educators.

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