October 15, 2017

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Get Connected with Other Educators

Pump up your PLN (Professional Learning Network) with our upcoming K12 Twitter chats, attend on-site or virtual conferences, join groups, read blogs, and expand your own learning horizons! Use this month to form lasting connections and expand your learning experiences.

Grades K-12


Create an emoji to use in texts and on social media. Personalize your emoji for special occasions. Spruce up your PLN and social media images with a Bitmoji sharing more about your interests and personality. Challenge students to create their own bitmoji.

Grades K-12

The Guide to Pinterest for Educators

Find tips and ideas for using Pinterest in professional settings and in the classroom. The information is divided into eight sections that discuss How To: Curate Information, Connect Students, Promote Internet Safety, Spark Collaboration, and more.

Grades K-12

TPS Teachers Network

Join and explore this free social networking site for social studies and history teachers, funded by the Library of Congress. Create albums on the site, including primary and secondary sources, to easily share with students or fellow teachers.

Grades K-12

Learning Front

Build your professional learning network (PLN) with this free online community of tools for social, professional learning. Connect and collaborate with individuals or teams. Follow your new connections on Twitter.

Hashtag & Tweet — Connect with Others on Twitter

Our terrific trio of Twitter resources includes a curated list of Twitter tools for both classroom use and professional learning and two websites to help you organize your Twitter life! 

Grades 6-12


Simplify and organize your Twitter life! Input the hashtag you wish to follow and all other tweets will be filtered out. Reply right from tchat without leaving the page, saving you time! You can block all retweets. Explore the many time-saving features.

Grades 9-12


Hashtags are useful for finding and curating content from professional learning networks (PLN's). Use this tool to make this process a breeze. Enter the hashtag to view the active (or already completed) chat and choose the speed of the chat flow.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Twitter for the Classroom

Our curated list of Twitter related resources will help you learn all about Twitter and how to use it. Plus, find tips and tools for using Twitter in the classroom and developing your professional learning network (PLN). See our reviews for new ideas!

Make Connections with Microsoft and Google

Learn more about the Microsoft Educators Community and new ways to connect with other educators. Try a Google Hangout to connect and collaborate. And don't miss Microsoft's tool that allows you to translate and build your PLN with those who speak another language!

Grades K-12

Microsoft Educator Community

Get connected at the Microsoft Educator Community. Find lessons, collaborate with fellow teachers, and earn badges and certificates through training courses. You can also share your own lessons, take virtual field trips around the world, and much more.

Grades K-12

Google Hangout

Hold a chat, share documents, and more as you connect with other educators with this video chat tool. Make meetings a breeze! Google Hangout is available as a mobile app (for iOS and Android) and on a web browser. All users must have a Google account.

Grades K-12

Microsoft Translator

This clever communication and collaboration tool works in two ways. Converse with single participants or groups via computer by simply entering your name and your language choice. Or, copy and paste to use as a text translator.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Experience the power of Microsoft's FREE OneNote with us this Tuesday, followed by our exciting Twitter chat on Thursday where you'll find our K12 edtech coaches discussing "PBIS and Relationship Building: What Works?" using the #OK2Ask hashtag! And in this week's poll, tell us how you will become more connected with other educators during October!

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Share how you connect with other educators

Weekly Poll

As an educator, it is important to stay connected. What will you do this month to get more connected?

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  Tuesday | OK2Ask® Free Virtual Workshop image

Organize, create, and collaborate with OneNote

Tuesday | OK2Ask® Free Virtual Workshop

Want to go paperless? Looking for a way to revolutionize your teaching and learning? Experience the power of Microsoft's FREE OneNote during Tuesday's workshop "Getting Started with OneNote." NOTE: This session is 2-hours long (6:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern).

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  Thursday | #OK2Ask Twitter Chat image

Discuss the benefits (and challenges) of implementing PBIS

Thursday | #OK2Ask Twitter Chat

Use #OK2Ask to connect with our edtech coaches this Thursday at 8 PM for "PBIS and Relationship Building: What Works?" Share resources and ideas for successfully incorporating PBIS and relationship building into the classroom. Don't miss this topic!

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