TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of February 21, 2020

1.During most U.S. parades, bands play marches. Who is the most famous American composer of marches? (20 points)

2.Which of these is an example of potential energy? (10 points)

3.The presidential inauguration takes place on the steps of this building. (5 points)

4.When a president takes the oath of office, he/she does so with his/her left hand on this: (5 points)

5.A president's term lasts this many months: (5 points)

6.What tall spike of a monument does a President see when looking out the White House windows? (10 points)

7.Which shape is especially meaningful to a president? (10 points)

8.In colonial days, a family used tallow to make: (10 points)

9.The First Lady is: (5 points)

10.If a president received a dollar a month for one term in office and also earned a dime for every seat in the House of Representatives that came up for regular elections before he/she left office, the total would be: (20 points)