TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of March 5, 2021

1.Mr. Smithers' cookie machine is out of control. Each hour it makes twice as many cookies as it did the previous hour. If it made 50 cookies in the first hour of the day, how many cookies will Mr. Smithers have at the end of an 8-hour work day? (10 points)

2.This line from a famous story - with all its vowels removed - is exclaimed by what animal? LL HFF ND LL PFF ND LL BLW YR HS DWN (20 points)

3.An animal fits into its environment because of its: (5 points)

4.The Bill of Rights is: (10 points)

5.Which of the following matches an animal and vehicle correctly, according to a Beverly Cleary favorite? (5 points)

6.Which combination of search terms entered into Google would be most likely to yield good information on training cocker spaniels? (10 points)

7.If you had 12 pairs of socks in your drawer and three of the socks got lost in the laundry, what fraction would you have left? (10 points)

8.Most rocks are either igneous, metamorphic, or (5 points)

9.Which of these is the least inclusive group? (5 points)

10.Sing this twice as you sanitize your digits to prevent the spread of microbes (20 points)