TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of December 1, 2023

1.Eight reindeer each drink a pint of water for each time zone. How many pints of water should you plan to take on your sleigh to get around the world? (10 points)

2.How many syllables are there in the chorus of a favorite Christmas song that warns the kids in girl and boyland to behave themselves? (10 points)

3.Sleigh bells ring... This line from a Christmas carol is also about (10 points)

4.December 7, 1941 was a major event at what U.S. naval base? (20 points)

5.In 1965, a young boy with a blanket joined his bald-headed friend and the gang for the first animated Christmas TV special. The group's biggest accomplishment was: (5 points)

6.Children in Sweden receive small gifts on this saint's day, December 6: (5 points)

7.Susan wants to but a holiday present that costs $12.00. Her mother will pay her 75 cents a night to wash the dinner dishes. How many nights must Susan work to earn enough for the present? (5 points)

8.Which of these is not part of a figure of speech in a famed poem by Clement Clarke Moore? (20 points)

9.Which sentence is correct? (10 points)

10.Which is closest to Santa's home? (5 points)