TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of February 3, 2023

1.To paint a Valentine card full of flowers for your mom, you need purple paint, white paint, green paint, red paint, light blue paint, and pink paint. The art teacher gives you only two primary colors and white. You are able to make all the colors but one. Which colors did the teacher give you? (5 points)

2.Which would come last in a phone book? (5 points)

3.Which is least likely to be a cause of water pollution? (10 points)

4.Which is a correct sentence, including punctuation? (5 points)

5.How many players' eyes would be on a baseball field with everyone in position, the bases loaded, and the batter up? (5 points)

6.Gwen's school runs on a six-day cycle (day1, day2, ..., day6) for scheduling. If today is Day 1 and is a Monday, how many full weeks of school will it take before Day 1 falls on a Monday again, assuming there is school every weekday? (20 points)

7.Your class has twelve girls and 9 boys. Everyone gets a valentine, but the boys give packs of conversation hearts, and the girls give lollipops. How many more lollipops will be given than packs of conversation hearts? (10 points)

8.Fred lives in Idaho. He wants to visit Ellen in Chicago, and then Mark in New Orleans. What directions does he travel? (10 points)

9.If you wanted to find out more about spring traditions in other countries all around the world, which would be the best combination to enter as search terms in Google? (10 points)

10.You are in North Carolina and drive south on Interstate 95 to Disney World. If you take the most direct route, which two states will you pass through on the way? (20 points)