TeachersFirst's Elementary School Brain Twisters

Week of August 17, 2018

1.Which of the following pairs is correct? (20 points)

2.A section that is repeated in a poem is called a: (5 points)

3.Which is not a predator? (5 points)

4.If you start with 3 and count by threes, which number will you not say? (10 points)

5.There are 17 girls in Susan's Girl Scout troop. If they put 71 cookies on a plate and share them equally, how many will be left over for the leader to eat? (5 points)

6.In the 1820s, the fastest way to get from New York to San Francisco was by: (10 points)

7.Which of the following would earn you the largest total? (20 points)

8.Which of the following is name for a secondary color? (5 points)

9.Which of the following proverbs is closest in meaning to "All that glitters is not gold?" (10 points)

10.If you travel using the most direct land route from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras, which state will you not pass through? (10 points)