TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of August 9, 2018

1.The ratio of boys to girls on the soccer team is 3 to 2. If there are 25 on the team, how many girls are there?

2.Which of these explorers headed east?

3.This summer's immigration crisis led to severe problems on the border of which state?

4.Which of the following is the smallest?

5.Which is an opinion?

6.What plant did colonists use to make linen?

7.Every four years Democrats and Republicans hold their conventions. They vote on their individual ________. These are the principals and goals of a party nominee.

8.Mr. Peterson's American literature class was given a summer reading list. Which of the following works would definitely not have appeared on the list?

9.When the news media report on "the Fed," they are talking about

10.The Centerville, Utah senior class is charting the route for their senior bus trip next spring. They plan to visit Yellowstone, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Pike's Peak, and Crater Lake. Which of these states is not included in their destinations?