TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of December 6, 2017

1.The candles on Rachel's menorah burn only 6 hours. If she kept her menorah lit for 3 hours each night, how many candles did she need to buy to keep her menorah properly lit for all 7 nights of Hanukkah?

2.The department store advertised "take an additional 15% off" the sale price of 50% off. A scooter originally priced at $120 would cost:

3.Larva is to pupa as

4.Which does not act as a leavening agent in holiday baking?

5.Which match is correct?

6.Which sentence is correct?

7.Bob is older than Jeff. Amir is younger than Jeff. Glenn's age is between Amir and Jeff's. What is the order of the of the boys' age from oldest to youngest?

8.Which invention happened last?

9.December 15, 1791 is the date what was ratified?

10.The Azores are: