TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of April 19, 2024

1.This painter is famous for colorful boxes and black lines, (20 points)

2.The continental divide separates... (5 points)

3.If a lemonade recipe calls for 1/4 cup of lemon juice per quart of water, how much lemon juice will you need to make a batch that uses three gallons of water? (10 points)

4.What is the name of a witty poem 5-line poem with a syllable pattern of 8-8-5-5-8 and a rhyme scheme of AABBA? (10 points)

5.Which provides the best aerobic exercise? (5 points)

6.Two human parents have the following genes: Mom: BB; Dad: Bb What are the chances of their babies having blue eyes, assuming B(brown) is dominant and b(blue) is recessive? (10 points)

7.Choose the best pair to finish this analogy: "Garnish is to entree as..." (5 points)

8.Which pair does not match? (5 points)

9.Which one do the Joint Chiefs of Staff work for? (10 points)

10.What U.S. state boasts the following rivers: the Guadalupe, Trinity, Rio Grande, Brazos, and Colorado? (20 points)