TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of February 21, 2020

1.Which of these people does not attend a presidential inauguration? (20 points)

2.Lincoln's Gettysburg address was made at the dedication of a(n) (10 points)

3.In which city was George Washington sworn in? (5 points)

4.Which president was sworn in aboard Air Force One? (5 points)

5.If you add the keys on three pianos to the strings on 12 cellos, you get: (5 points)

6.Which number is greatest? (20 points)

7.The rate at which water evaporates from a glass will be affected by: (10 points)

8.Which of these presidents served two full terms? (10 points)

9.During most U.S. parades, bands play marches. Who is the most famous American composer of marches? (5 points)

10.Young Jimmy Carter had a bag of peanuts. He gave half to his Mom. Then he gave a third of what was left to his brother Billy. After eating 8 peanuts, he still had one left for every state in the union. How many were in his bag to start with? (10 points)