TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of October 12, 2018

1.If you flew directly from Miami Dade County to Mount Rainier, what direction would you be flying? (5 points)

2.When comparing two products, which information is most helpful in choosing the best buy? (5 points)

3.The phrase, "Fate reared its ugly head." uses what literary device? (5 points)

4.Keshawn's mother brought a large box of cupcakes to school for National Bullying Prevention Month. Half were vanilla; the rest were chocolate. His class ate 2/3 of the chocolate ones, and all but one of the vanilla ones. Keshawn gave half of the remaining chocolate cupcakes to the office staff, and ate the vanilla one himself. He took the remaining 3 home. How many were in the box to start with? (10 points)

5.This man-made body of water links the Mediterranean with the Persian gulf. (10 points)

6.The continental divide separates: (5 points)

7.Which state was not a destination during the gold and silver mining rushes of the 1800s? (10 points)

8.Which is the best deal for an item originally priced at $100? (20 points)

9."Patty pununified the pavish pancakes porpelly inside the perdy pratrub." - In this sentence, context clues tell you parts of speech. Which pair below is wrong? (10 points)

10.Which is the middle value from this list? (20 points)