TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of February 26, 2021

1.Which word is paired with the correct root meaning? (10 points)

2.Which happens on a different date depending on which hemisphere you are in? (5 points)

3.Which of these can be destructive to the quality of a watershed? (20 points)

4.How long may a Justice serve on the US Supreme Court? (5 points)

5.If you borrow $2,000 at simple interest of 12%, how much interest do you owe at the end of two years (assuming no payments have been made)? (5 points)

6.The stairway to Anne Frank's attic hiding place was behind a: (5 points)

7.Which is not an abstract noun? (10 points)

8.Who tended the wounded and started a humanitarian organization that still exists today? (10 points)

9.Dylan is going to see his grandparents during spring break. If he flies from St. Louis, Mo to Missoula, Montana, in what direction is he flying? (10 points)

10.The famous statement, "Beware the Ides of March," was first used to warn: (20 points)