TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of March 22, 2019

1.The Greek goddess Athena was born: (5 points)

2.Sam is two years more than twice George's age. George's daughter, Jen, will be 16 next year. George was 20 when Jen was born. How old is Sam? (10 points)

3.The U.S. federal budget faces great challenges. Medicare and Social Security, often called ""third rail" of politics, make up a large portion of that budget, known as (20 points)

4.I drove my a car the 375 miles to New York and averaged 60 mph. I stopped once for a 30 minute lunch break and once for a 15 minute rest. How long did it take get to New York? (5 points)

5.The words "on, under, above, below" are all: (5 points)

6.Which of the following could NOT be part of a sensory organ? (10 points)

7.Which comes soonest after the date of this quiz? (5 points)

8.If you take the temperature at which degrees F and degrees C are the same, add the number of stars on the US flag during World War II, and multiply by the number of atoms in a molecule of table salt, you get: (20 points)

9.Gregor Mendel is best known for his work in: (10 points)

10.U.S. senators sometimes use this very long speech to delay voting on a bill. (10 points)