TeachersFirst's Middle School Brain Twisters

Week of December 7, 2018

1.Santa Claus is stocking up on reindeer chow to feed his reindeer during the Christmas holiday. If each reindeer eats 1.5 pounds of chow per day, how many 25-pound bags will he need to feed (all 8 of) his reindeer for the 12 days of Christmas? (10 points)

2.The Christmas carol "Silent Night" was written for this instrument on a Christmas eve in Germany when the church organ broke. (20 points)

3.Kim and Sara are planning a ski trip. Student discount lift tickets cost $45 each, and the bus to the ski area costs $4.50 per person. If they allow $10 per person for lunch and snacks, how many driveways will they have to shovel (at $15 per driveway) to pay for the trip? (5 points)

4.The Christmas tree is a holiday symbol which comes from this country. (5 points)

5.A poster in Mr. Jones' art room depicts Grant Shuey's painting "American Gothic." One object that it prominent in the painting is a: (10 points)

6.Which saying accompanied a reptile on the pennant of American Revolutionaries? (10 points)

7.Deshawn is planning his holiday shopping. He has $25 to spend on 3 presents, split equally. If everything in the store is marked down 20% (taken at checkout) and there is a 6% sales tax, what can the marked price on each gift be? (10 points)

8.Which unscrambled holiday word comes last in the dictionary? (5 points)

9.Keisha is planning her holiday shopping. She has saved $77, and she needs to buy 5 presents for her family. What is the approximate average amount she can spend on each gift? (5 points)

10.A gift box has a volume of 270 cubic centimeters with the ends having an area of 30 square centimeters and the sides an area of 54 square centimeters. If one edge measures 6 cm, what are the other two? (20 points)