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Dates That Matter

January 24, 1848

Gold is discovered at Sutter's Creek.

 Why does it matter?

John Sutter, an immigrant from Switzerland, came to the area which would become known as Sutter's Creek and established a a homestead he called Sutter's Fort. His intent was to build an agricultural empire, and it is believed he used Native Americans from the area as forced labor in order to establish his "rancho." Hoping to add a sawmill to his holdings, he partnered with John Marshall to construct the mill on the American River. Marshall discovered something much more profitable in the water: gold. Rapidly, the news spread, and the population of the area exploded. John Sutter tried to profit from the influx of gold seekers by operating a store to sell supplies to the miners, but in the end, financial losses led him to sell the land and move away. Late in life, living in Pennsylvania, he sought compensation from the US Government for helping colonize the state of California, but died before Congress could act.

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