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Dates That Matter

June 24, 1901

Pablo Picasso first exhibits his art work.

 Why does it matter?

Pablo Picasso, born in Spain, went on to be one of the most prolific painters in history. His name has become synonymous with "great artist" and he is considered one of the founders of the "Cubist" movement in modern art. His paintings have been some of the most expensive; in 2004, his "Garcon a la Pipe" sold for over $100 million. One of his most famous works, "Guernica" depicts the German bombing of Guernica, a village in Spain, and hung in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art for years before being returned to Spain. A replica of the mural hangs in the United Nations as a testament to the inhumanity of war.

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Just for fun! Click and drag various Picasso-esque facial features and create your own abstract painting, add color and then email it to a friend. Great on an interactive whiteboard.