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Dates That Matter

May 27, 1941

British warships sink the German battleship Bismarck.

 Why does it matter?

The German battleship Bismarck had been built to be state-of-the-art, but sailed on only one mission. Already engaged in World War II, the British and the Germans engaged in the Battle of Denmark Strait, and the Bismarck sank the British battle cruiser Hood. The British were determined to avenge the sinking of the Hood and stalked the Bismarck for three days. Finally, the British were able to hit the Bismarck several times, severely damaging it. But the Bismarck did not surrender. Instead, the Germans gave the order to scuttle the ship, meaning they chose to sink their own ship rather than to surrender to the British. The crew of the Bismarck have been lauded for their bravery and courage in this battle despite having lost in the end.

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