Chapter Twenty-Four - Art Activity/Writing

In this chapter, the children return to Hogwarts via the Knight Bus.

Elementary Activity

For this activity, you will need to draw two pictures. First, draw a picture of the Knight Bus, the way Harry traveled back to school. Then, either on the same piece of paper, or another piece, draw a picture of the way you would travel to school. You can either draw a picture of the real way you travel to school, or you can imagine a new and creative way to travel and draw a picture of that mode of transportation.

Middle School Activity

Draw a picture and write a brief description of the oddest form of transportation you have every taken. It could be a plan, train, hot-air balloon, para-sailing trip, boat trip, jet-ski, or any other type of unique transportation. If you haven't done any of these things, draw a picture and describe a type of transportation you would LIKE to ride on/in.