Chapter Twenty-Five - Life Science Activity

Elementary Science

Harry, Ron, and Hermione read about a tragic accident involving a potted plant in The Daily Prophet. Although not necessarily deadly to humans, there are a number of plants that cause allergic reactions such as rashes. For this activity, research poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Find out what the plants look like, along with what types of reactions they cause in humans. How does an infected individual go about treating the rash? You may want to consult an encyclopedia or internet resources. Draw a picture of the plant you choose and write the facts on the picture.

Middle School Science

Read the Elementary school activity above. If, however, you would like to research a less-common plant that causes diseases in humans, you may do so. If you would prefer, you could look up information on venus fly traps, or see if you can find information on other plants that actually "attack" insects. Write up a short paragraph report on your plant and find or draw a picture of the plant.