Chapter Twenty-Six - Interviewing Activity

Luna's father publishes an article about Harry in this chapter. Although The Quibbler is not a traditionally reliable news source, interviewing is very important communication skill for any individual. For this activity, pick an individual you would like to interview. It could be a family member, a teacher, a family friend, or a local figure.


Write out a list of ten questions to ask this person. Be sure to write down their responses to your answers. You might want to ask them about their background, such as birthday, birthplace. You might also want to learn about their favorites, such as favorite food, favorite color, or favorite sports team.

Middle School

Write out a list of twenty questions to ask this person. Be certain to record your answers. If you have access to a video camera or tape-recorder, have someone tape your interview as though you were a television reporter. If you would rather imitate newspaper, write up the information you learn in your interview in the form of a newspaper article.