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About TeachersFirst Reading Treks

Engaging and immersing readers in a story with maps and their pop-ups that have interesting information about the “stop” is a powerful tool! TeachersFirst knows that many teachers have limited time to build such a literature experience on their own.To that end, TeachersFirst offers this growing collection of Reading Treks to help teachers seeking to integrate technology in their K12 classrooms.

What’s “inside” each of our Reading Treks?
Each Reading Trek is comprised of two (2) files:

  • a Google Maps file
  • an instructional strategy handout (PDF)

Use the PDF resource contained in each Reading Trek as a helpful guide while you preview and decide which activities would work best in your K12 classroom.

How to use our Reading Treks:
Here’s what to do when you are ready to use one of our Reading Treks:

  1. Download the KMZ file and make a note of where you saved it
  2. Open a web browser (Google Chrome is best) and navigate to Google MyMaps.
  3. Click the “Create a New Map” button
  4. When the new untitled map opens, click “import” and then “select a file from your computer”
  5. Navigate to your saved Reading Trek file and click “open”.

Clicking the book cover image(s) on our Reading Treks will launch a new browser window and take you to the Amazon website where you can buy the book. If you decide to make the purchase, The Source for Learning, our nonprofit parent company, will receive a portion of the proceeds as a participant in the Amazon Smile program.