July 21, 2024

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Celebrate Social Wellness Month in July

This curated collection of resources focuses on social wellness, a crucial aspect of students' overall well-being and academic success. Integrating social wellness resources into the classroom environment can help foster positive relationships, improve communication skills, and create a supportive learning community. Educators can equip students with essential life skills while creating a welcoming classroom by implementing strategies and tools that promote social-emotional learning, conflict resolution, and inclusivity. 

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Grades K-12

CASEL Program Guide

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) provides support and tools, including high-quality information on social and emotional learning (SEL). This guide offers a framework for evaluating SEL programs for all ages.

Grades K-12


WellCheq is a digital application that provides students with a daily wellness check-in. Students log in each day and answer two questions: “How are you feeling today?” and “How are you doing overall?” The teacher has immediate access to responses.

Grades K-12

Overcoming Obstacles K-12 Curriculum

Explore this free curriculum that shares hundreds of lessons (each with objectives) centered on the development of thirty life skills like effective communication, making informed decisions, setting goals, respecting one another, and more.

Grades 9-12

iThrive Sim- Digital Simulation Games

These digital simulations related to SEL are designed to support student-driven learning. The storyline of each of the three learning scenarios is determined by the actions students take together. Teachers can preview each game before sharing.

Grades 3-12

Teach With Movies

Teach With Movies offers hundreds of lesson plans for films across various subjects and age groups. Lessons are divided into categories like subject matter, social-emotional learning, and more and provide summaries, discussion questions, and context.

Grades K-6

Big Ideas Video Series

Discover these ten video topics that encourage students to explore different pathways to healthy social-emotional development and learning. The videos discuss concepts such as empathy, perseverance, positive thinking, gratitude, mindfulness, and more.

Grades K-12

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Take a two-minute stress relief break with your students and simultaneously reinforce SEL with this simple site. When you enter the site, a two-minute timer begins and soothing sounds play. Do nothing; just relax until the timer runs out.

Grades 6-12


Along is an online tool for digital student check-ins and reflection activities. Use audio, video, or text to share a question with some or all students to check in on students’ social wellness and encourage them to make connections.

Grades 5-12


SpeakUp! is a nonprofit organization that provides social-emotional learning resources to support teens and help them develop positive relationships with adults. The programs focus on encouraging teens to have supportive conversations.

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We invite you to attend several OK2Ask virtual workshops this week! Be sure to sign up for Microsoft in Education Day, a full day of workshops happening this Thursday. We're also sharing a blog post and an opportunity to apply to join our team as a part-time consultant. Read the details below! 

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Tuesday, 7/23, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Build a Google Site in a Day! Part 2

Whether you're looking to create a classroom website, a digital portfolio, or a resource hub, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge needed to bring your vision to life. Customize your Google Site's layout, navigation, and overall appearance.

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Wednesday, 7/24, 6 PM ET

OK2Ask: Digital Escapes with Free Microsoft Tools

In this workshop, you'll discover the power of using various free Microsoft tools to incorporate digital escape rooms into your teaching. Using Microsoft Sway as our foundation, we'll design a narrative that guides students through many challenges. 

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Thursday, 7/25

Microsoft in Education Day

Take a deep dive into multimedia text sets during a unique 3-hour session in the morning, or register for one of our hour-long sessions in the afternoon to learn about student research with the Edge browser and two game-changing AI tools!

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Infusing Technology Blog

Fostering Social Wellness in the Classroom

View this blog post to learn more about Social Wellness Month and discover additional tools and strategies to try with your students. Read about check-in reflection, creating a positive counter-narrative, and the power of doing nothing.

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