April 25, 2021

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Differentiate for All Students

Learn new instructional strategies you can use to differentiate for all of your students. In this section, we share professional learning resources, tools to help to plan your lessons, and other resources. 

Grades 2-12

OK2Ask: Engage & Inspire: Choice Boards for Differentiation

Choice boards allow your students to complete equally active, interesting, and engaging assignments that demonstrate their comprehension of the presented material. View this webinar archive to learn about and apply Tomlinson's model for differentiation.

Grades 1-12


Try this free tool that gives strengths and interests assessments in an engaging way. Based on 23 factors and developed for children, the assessments provide a profile that is personal, positive, and celebrates each child's core strengths and needs.

Grades K-12

The Differentiator

Use this free Bloom's Taxonomy tool to develop great objectives for differentiated instruction. Move through the process by choosing a level of Bloom's Taxonomy, a thinking skill, content, resources, and an expected finished product.

Reading Instruction Tailored to Individual Needs

Enhance your reading instruction with the tools shared in this section. Each resource offers unique features that will enable all of your students to find deeper success in their reading journey. 

Grades 3-9

Learn With News

Discover current event articles, each presented at three different reading levels. Each article also highlights difficult words and features correlating activities, including vocabulary practice, conversation questions, and videos.

Grades K-12


This site offers resources about reading comprehension. Browse many categories, including reading passages, paired text, curriculum support, grade, topic, and text type. Each selection contains the text with audio, a vocabulary link, and questions.

Grades K-12

From Text to Speech

Convert any text to audio with this easy-to-use tool, perfect for emerging and struggling readers. Copy and paste or type text to begin. Select the language from several available choices, then choose a voice and the pace of reading.

Grades 4-12


Access commonly taught themes for classic literature and discussion questions for that theme that include paired texts and teacher guides. Choose the size of the font, listen to the read aloud (and pause it), translate to Spanish, and highlight the text.

April is National Autism Awareness Month

Read about ways to engage and empower your students who have autism. Learn new information, discover teaching strategies, and differentiate your lessons. 

Grades K-12

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's Resources

View this curated list of reviewed resources, including explanations of autism and Asperger's and practical suggestions for helping all students learn and succeed. Share this collection with parents and colleagues so you can all work together.

Grades K-12

Autism Society of America

At this site, you can explore several sections: “What is Autism,” “Living with Autism,” “Public Policy”, and more! Click the drop-down menus to see all the categories to explore. Don't miss the tips for parents and teachers to share with your colleagues.

Grades K-12

Amazing Things Happen! An Introduction to Autism

This video provides a simple explanation of autism created for parents, teachers, and students. There are also tips for supporting those with autism and simple animations that demonstrate how people with autism process information.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us this Tuesday for our next free virtual workshop. We're also highlighting a fabulously free reading opportunity for teens that starts this week and a blog post about differentiation. And finally, we kindly ask for your input in our weekly poll. 

  OK2Ask: Supporting Students Learning English as a New Language (ENL) with Google Tools image

Tuesday, 4/27, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Supporting Students Learning English as a New Language (ENL) with Google Tools

Join us this Tuesday as we explore Google’s suite of free products and several features that can help your students leverage their native language as they practice literacy skills. Learn about tools that facilitate UDL practices to support ENL students.

Plan for the instructional use of UDL-friendly strategies »

  Sync: Audio Books for Teens image

Summer 2021 Free Audiobooks

Sync: Audio Books for Teens

This week is the 2021 kickoff of the Summer SYNC Audiobooks for Teens, returning for a 12th season! Teens can find free audiobook downloads each week from April 29 - August 4. Share this summer reading (and listening) opportunity with your students.

View the complete list of free audiobooks to share. »

  Including Differentiation in Remote and Blended Learning image

Infusing Technology Blogs

Including Differentiation in Remote and Blended Learning

Differentiation is a student-centered practice that provides all of our learners the opportunity to be successful within their ability levels while still providing growth opportunities. Learn more about it and why it matters in this blog post.

Discover why differentiation works »

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Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks, "What is the main way that you differentiate in your lessons?" Share your response and view the replies of other educators after you click submit.

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