August 27, 2023

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10 Cool Tools to Show Your Students the World

Virtual field trips and live feeds offer a free way for educators to show students famous cities, landmarks, animals, concerts, and more. This week, we are sharing ten resources that will help you find free virtual field trips to share with your students. 

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Grades 3-12

OK2Ask: Tech Tools Smackdown: Virtual Field Trips & Live Feeds Edition

The archive of this teacher-friendly, hands-on webinar will empower and inspire you to use learning technology in the classroom. View this session and learn about more than 12 resources that feature engaging virtual field trips for your students.

Grades K-7


Join this free site and participate in live storytelling sessions with children's authors multiple times per week. Join the interactive experience as the featured author engages with the audience, answers questions, and more.

Grades K-12


Use this curated collection of videos to engage students in virtual field trips in all subjects. TEACHFLIX offers a specific category of virtual field trips that can be searched by grade level (elementary, middle, or high school).

Grades 3-12

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Where do you want to go, and what would you like to learn? To start, select a subject, explore all tours, or select a country to visit. Other options encourage you to search for answers to life's many questions, see iconic sites, or visit nature.

Grades 8-12

BLVRD - Art. Virtually. Anywhere.

BLVRD offers virtual field trips and access to the world's best-known art collections and cultural sites. Select from different museum and cultural topic options to begin your experience. Find curriculum ideas, timelines, and additional resources.

Grades 6-12

Describing Egypt

Walk through the three major kingdoms of ancient Egypt using this beautiful, immersive virtual reality tour. Each view contains detailed information about the location as if you are physically there. Learn stories about these locations.

Grades 6-12

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Beautifully executed and packed with unique features, this tour takes students up close to Mount Vernon! Click on the three dots with a checkmark in the lower right corner to find a menu of places to visit. Click the video play button to view a tutorial.

Grades 8-12

Machu Picchu Virtual Tour

Experience Machu Picchu with this 360-degree virtual tour. Click the "i" icon on the left menu to read a short introduction to the history of Machu Picchu, then enjoy your tour of the 32 different vantage points through interactive 360-degree images.

Grades K-12


Looking for a new virtual field trip? View 360-degree panoramic pictures from Mars or under the sea. Explore panoramic views of all Seven Wonders of the World, which include the Colosseum, The Great Wall of China, Petra in Jordan, The Taj Mahal, and more.

Grades K-12

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Explore ocean life at this fabulous site. Peruse the menu tabs at the top, especially “Animals and Education,” to find a curriculum, video courses, crafts, printables, live cams, and more. The live cameras show many animals at the aquarium in real time.

This Week at TeachersFirst

Our Summer OK2Ask sessions may have ended, but you can keep learning by watching our sessions on demand. We are also sharing a blog post related to virtual field trips.

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Register and watch summer 2023 sessions

OK2Ask: On Demand

Our summer OK2Ask virtual workshop series has ended, but all our sessions are available on demand! Register and watch workshops like “App Smashing with Wakelet,” “Winning Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom,” and more at your convenience.

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Infusing Technology Blog

From Penguins to Panda

Bring the wonders of the animal world into your classroom and engage your students with fascinating facts, videos, and virtual tours of some of the world’s best zoos and aquariums. Read this blog post for some ideas and resources to get you started.

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