December 11, 2022

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Ready-To-Go Vocabulary Resources

Engage students and get them excited to learn vocabulary with the games, activities, and resources shared in this section.

Grades 4-12


Share Arcade and Block, an engaging pair of word association games. Arcade asks players to write a word associated with the game’s selection—and speed matters! In Block, players provide a short phrase to describe and eliminate stacked words.

Grades 2-5

Biographies with BrainPOP Jr. - Ruby Bridges

Introduce early elementary learners to civil rights activist Ruby Bridges and the vocabulary words shared in the story. The activities include an engaging short video, comprehension quizzes, an interactive mind map creator, and vocabulary practice.

Grades 2-12

Root Word and Prefix Study Pages

Teach vocabulary by using the more than 90 subject word puzzles on this site to introduce the Greek and Latin word roots. Decode the word's meaning and type the correct answer. This site also features numerous other topics of vocabulary for word practice.

Grades 5-12


View the first letter of a word and its definition, then quickly type in a word you think fits. You can skip if you don’t know the word, but the definition and answer appear anyway. Some words also offer hints.

Grades 1-8

AAA Spell

This site offers spelling and vocabulary lists for grades 1–8, review and practice activity suggestions, and ready-to-go interactives for all lessons. Click the grade level to see the available lists or input your own vocabulary words.

Grades K-12

ProProfs Brain Games

Choose from vocabulary game formats like hangman, crosswords, word scrambles, and word searches. You can also decide on topics such as science, music, sports, animals, etc. If you create a free account, you can create your own puzzles.

Grades K-9


Discover strategies, tools, and texts to help beginning and struggling readers improve their literacy. Download materials for teaching reading, including vocabulary lessons, word pictures, literacy lists, and reading passages.

Create Your Own Vocabulary Activities

Check out the four web tools in this section that allow you to create your own engaging vocabulary activities for your students. 

Grades K-12

My Wordle

Customize and share personalized Wordles by entering a word of any length (not just 5 characters!). Use words in several languages, including Spanish, French, Hindi, and German. When finished, share the link with students.

Grades K-12

Wheel of Names

Personalize the spots on the name wheel with current vocabulary words for a quick review of essential terms during class lessons. Because Google hosts this wheel, you can save customized wheels to Google Drive for easy access.

Grades 4-12


Use your free teacher account to create your own or browse existing vocabulary sets that include word cards with example sentences, pronunciations, translations, images, and more. Create sets and build folders to organize materials.

Grades K-5


Use your own vocabulary terms to quickly create and share interactive learning games with Educandy. Activities include match-up games, memory matches, crossword puzzles, and more. When finished, share using the link provided or copy the embed code.

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We invite you to join us for our upcoming bimonthly Twitter chat this Thursday. We’re also sharing a recent OK2Ask session related to vocabulary that you can view on demand—and don't miss our new blog post or our weekly poll! 

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Thursday, 12/15, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Tech-Infused Vocabulary Strategies

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. During this chat, participants will discuss tech-infused vocabulary instruction and explore tools and resources for integrating tech-infused vocabulary activities in the classroom.

Learn about technology that enhances vocabulary interactions »

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View the on-demand recording

Professional learning on demand

Register to view this on-demand workshop to explore tools for vocabulary instruction. Learn to implement direct instruction based on Marzano's strategies to expand vocabulary in all subject areas and increase success in school and on achievement tests.

Understand how to use tech tools to create formative vocabulary assessments »

  Tech Tool of the Month: Phrase.It image

Infusing Technology Blog

Tech Tool of the Month: Phrase.It

Phrase.It is an easy-to-use website that allows you to add cartoon speech bubbles to any photo in seconds. Have your students use this tool to create images and text that demonstrate their understanding of new vocabulary words in all content areas.

Read about other ways to use Phrase.It in your instruction »

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Weekly Poll

This week our poll asks, “What kind of tool would you have your students use to show what they know about vocabulary words?" Submit your reply and view the responses of other educators.

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