December 3, 2017

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Featured EDTECH Resources Reviewed by TeachersFirst

Season of Giving in the Classroom

Celebrate Read a Book Month, The Hour of Code and Computer Science Week this month with our helpful tips, digital tools, and K12 teacher reviews!        

The Hour of Code & Computer Science Week

This week serves up a delightful digital duo: The Hour of Code AND Computer Science Education Week! What will your class do to dive into these tech-filled days? Discover coding and computer resources for your classroom with our finds!

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Read a Book Month

Find reading lists on a variety of topics and genres, including survival stories, books especially for middle schoolers, banned books, Lifetime list (the ultimate MUST read booklist), and more.

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Professional Learning to Not Miss!

Attending VSTE this month? Learn more about our upcoming VSTE sessions (or stop by our booth) for "empowered educator" information and details! For those not traveling to edtech events this December, we welcome you to read about the five steps needed to encourage design thinking in your students as published on our K12 tech blog.     

Attending VSTE this Month?

Visit TeachersFirst in The Source for Learning booth #212 to get your Empowered Educator superhero pen! And, join our edtech coaches' sessions on Microsoft tools, SAMR infused lesson planning, and social learning in the classroom.

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Are You Design Thinking Yet?

Does design thinking mystify you? Learn what design thinking is and its many benefits in the K12 classroom. If you're just learning about design, let's get you started with five easy steps: Empathize, Define the Problem, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

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December Happenings and Celebrations

In December, we remember the anniversaries of three historical events: 13th Amendment, Wright brothers first flight, and the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Find resources to share these events with your students. And because December is also the month of giving, we've included tech resources to help you remind students about the importance of giving back and showing respect and kindness to all.    

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Digital Gifts - for FREE

It's the Season of Giving

December's holidays offer many opportunities to celebrate and give back to important people in our lives. Share this curated list with your students to find a special digital gift for family, friends, the principal, teachers, and others.

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  Wright Brothers image

Soar into Flight

Wright Brothers

This month is the anniversary of the world's first successful powered flight, by the Wright brothers. Take your students back in time to the sands of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Find sites about flight, inventions, and more to explore!

Soar into some great resources about flight »

  Anniversary of Pearl Harbor image

Never Forget

Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 changed America and the course of World War II. Share this collection with your students to help them understand the events of that day and the US involvement in World War II. Read the description and class ideas for each resource.

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  13th Amendment image

Abolish Slavery

13th Amendment

Peruse this list of sites and tools related to the 13th Amendment, Lincoln, and the end of slavery. See each individual review for tech-infused classroom ideas.

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  Differentiating Instruction for All Learners: Practical Ideas for Teachers image

Twitter Chat THIS Thursday

Differentiating Instruction for All Learners: Practical Ideas for Teachers

Our next Twitter chat is this Thursday at 8pm Eastern. Our topic is Differentiating Instruction for All Learners: Practical Ideas for Teachers. Join us to share specific strategies to accommodate students’ learning needs, discuss tools and strategies.

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December 2nd

Special Education Day

Special Education Day is December 2nd. What percentage of your students receive some sort of special education intervention?

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