December 3, 2023

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Seasons Greetings to All

December includes many events and holidays worldwide. This week, we’re sharing resources related to four of these seasonal events: Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Find resources to share with your students and to include in your lessons. 

Celebrate Hanukkah

Whether you’re teaching your students about the Festival of Lights or how to make a dreidel, check out these resources to learn about Hanukkah. There are interactives, information, activities, and resources for all grade levels.

Celebrated from Thursday, December 7 - Friday, December 15 »

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice (Thursday, December 21) is the northern hemisphere's shortest day—the day the Sun travels the shortest path through the sky. We’re sharing snow-related resources in honor of this special cosmic event.

Discover resources related to snow for this cool winter's night »

Merry Christmas

This collection has historical information and research, coding challenges, and some neat ways to incorporate the Christmas holiday into your language arts, art, social studies, and other lessons—plus some educationally fun ideas to use to celebrate.

Find gifts of the season to share with your students »

Happy Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa (December 26, 2023 – January 1, 2024) is celebrated by millions and culminates with a feast and gift-giving. Explore this collection of resources related to Kwanzaa to learn about the 7 principles, crafts, recipes, and other information.

Share the joy of Kwanzaa in your lessons »

This Week at TeachersFirst

We’re excited to invite you to participate in our winter book study! Read the details below. We’re also sharing a timely blog post and encourage you to share your thoughts on our weekly poll.  

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Learn to help all readers succeed

Announcing the TeachersFirst 2024 Winter Book Study

TeachersFirst is hosting a winter book study again this year. We invite you to join our professional learning community of educators as we read and discuss “Personalized Reading: Digital Strategies and Tools to Support All Learners" by Michelle Haiken.

Learn more and apply »

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Get caught up on our recent posts

Infusing Technology Blog

Dive into our Infusing Technology Blog and learn about tech tools, read about frameworks, discover timely classroom suggestions, and more in posts written by experienced classroom teachers and tech coaches!

What will you learn? »

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Share your thoughts with our community

Weekly Poll

This week, our poll asks, "Who cooks your holiday meal? Share your choice and view the responses of other educators once you click submit.

Do you, another family member or friend, or a restaurant cook? »

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