January 29, 2017

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Black History Month

Explore these resources as you recognize Black History Month in your classroom 

Grades K-12

Black History Month Resources

Navigate this site with 20 lesson plans and resources covering a variety of topics including racial discrimination, civil rights, and more. Use the lessons during Black History Month and all through the year.

Grades 8-12

Civil Rights Movement Interactive Map

Peruse this interactive map that includes links to newspaper coverage of US civil rights stories from 1954-1965. Click on the year to view front pages and to learn about major events.

Grades 6-12

A Class Divided

Travel back to 1970 and the 3rd grade classroom of Jane Elliot, right after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn how she taught her students about discrimination. View the reunion of these same students 14 years later.

Grades K-12

Teaching Tolerance

Teach your students about prejudice of all kinds using this resource. Don't miss the classroom activities, lessons, and interactives. The free parents guide offers activities for ages 2-17.


Learn about famous African-American heroes

Grades 4-8

Jackie Robinson - Breaking Barriers in Sports and Life

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. Use the lessons, printables, book lists, and interactives to teach your students about this historic event.

Grades 6-12

The HistoryMakers

Examine the biographies and oral histories of 2,000 African Americans who made history in their respective fields. Learn about heroes of art, education, sports, music, science, and other areas.

Grades 7-12

100 Leaders in World History

Investigate 100 leaders from various fields, races, cultures, and countries. Browse the leaders individually, or by type (political, military, scientific, etc.). Downloadable posters are available for your classroom.

Grades 6-12

Greensboro Sit-Ins

Travel back to the Greensboro Sit-Ins that took place on February 1, 1960. Navigate the video clips, audio files, timeline, photos, news archives, even a PDF of the February 1, 1960, newspaper! Leave a message on their electronic bulletin board.

Create a Project

Use these tools to create a project about a hero or topic for Black History Month. 

Grades K-12

Office Mix

Supercharge your PowerPoint presentations with Office Mix! Add video, audio, polls, screencasts, or many other options. Drag and reorder slides as desired. Create presentations to share during Black History Month.

Grades K-12


Create zoomable images using Closr. The site allows you to add "Spots" and descriptions to any location on the image. Use the zoom feature to take a closer look and highlight an area of the image.

Grades 6-12

History in Motion

Design your own animated timeline that will move simultaneously with a map. You can include images, descriptions of events, and embeded videos at each point of the timeline.

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