June 26, 2022

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10 Resources for Social Media Day

World Social Media Day (June 30th) began in 2010 to recognize social media's impact on global collaboration and bringing people together. Social media is a part of most students’ daily lives. Find resources to share that highlight safe ways to engage on social media, how to tell facts from fiction, and other related skills. 

Grades K-12

Digital Citizenship: Technological Literacy

This collection of forty-seven videos (ranging from five to fifteen minutes in length) helps students understand concepts like the role of influencers on social media, editorial accuracy, and why people are susceptible to disinformation.

Grades 1-12

Social Media Literacy: Purposeful Practice in Every Classroom

View this archived OK2Ask virtual workshop to learn strategies to develop your students’ social media savvy using practice spaces focused on digital citizenship, critical thinking, persuasion, and communication skills.

Grades 6-12

Teachers' Guide to Cranky Uncle

Show students how fake experts and cherry-picking information can spread disinformation. This game engages players as they employ critical thinking skills to earn points and learn how to separate fact from myth. It also includes a teacher's guide.

Grades 4-12

Social Media Test Drive

Social Media Test Drive provides a series of interactive modules that offer practice applying digital citizenship skills in a social media simulation. Each module includes tutorials, guided activities, free play, and opportunities for reflection.

Grades 5-12


Try using these interactive lessons to teach students how to evaluate and judge news and news sources. Lessons include real-world examples, videos, and polls, and many also feature journalism experts as digital guides.

Grades 5-12

Bad News

Learn how fake news and disinformation spread. Players take on the bad guy role with the goal of acquiring as many followers as possible while raising their credibility ratings. Follow the prompts and make selections on how to spread disinformation.

Grades 6-12

Civic Online Reasoning

This series of assessments offers students a selection of online content and asks them to evaluate and judge the credibility of the information. Competencies are assessed through the activities and student's ability to choose the correct reply.

Grades 9-12

Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Discover some of the dangers of social media, like how envy has led to some users feeling inadequate with their life circumstances, or how digital access stops others from personal interactions. Click on any image to open the topic and view each story.

Grades 6-9


Peruse this extensive digital literacy curriculum that improves technology proficiency, includes information about social media, builds information literacy and digital citizenship skills, and provides online 21st-century and project-based resources.

Grades K-12

Social Media in Plain English

Take a journey to Scoopville, a fictitious town used to demonstrate the many “flavors” of social media. The video is short (approximately three minutes) and easy to follow. The site includes additional information like blogs, podcasts, and other videos.

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Celebrating Social Media Day with Digital Citizenship

Social media platforms allow us to quickly and conveniently connect with friends and family, make new friends, pursue business opportunities, and network globally. Read this blog post to learn about resources for Social Media Day.

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