March 26, 2017

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Cutting Edge Technology

Check out these 6 new tools we've recently added to the TeachersFirst Edge

Grades K-12

Web Whiteboard

Collaborate in real time, with no registration required, on this virtual whiteboard. Challenge students to create writing prompts, map out the plot or themes, add labels, create character studies, solve math equations, plan research projects, and more.

Grades K-12


Engage and inform parents in your classroom community using this cloud-based management system. Teachers simply add emails and send out invites to all parents, no sign-up is required. Send details for field trips, tests, projects, conferences, and news.

Grades K-12


Twuffer will save you time and send out your future Tweets! The free version of Twuffer allows up to 50 scheduled tweets per month. Prepare and schedule tweets at your convenience with reminders for project due dates, homework assignments, and more.

Grades K-12


Get organized with BeyondPad. Use to create templates to track time spent on any task, build checklists, take notes, create student notebooks, and more. When getting started, view the Demo Mode for hands-on practice with all of the site's features.

Grades 2-12


Create and score answer response forms using your computer and printer paper. Design multiple choice, true/false, or rubric-based questions. Save time, scan finished responses, and provide instant feedback! Free accounts allow 10 questions per assignment.

Grades 6-12


Use this tool to easily create animated videos. There are tutorial videos available to help you get started. Share this tool on your interactive whiteboard and then have students explore. They could create commercials, book reviews, or other projects.

DATs: Available as an App & Web Tool

Ideal for BYOD classrooms, these device agnostic tools offer both an app and web version

Grades K-6


Use Class123, a classroom management tool, to organize your classroom and communicate with students and parents. Tools include a timer, seating chart, attendance manager, random name picker, and more. Communications can be sent privately or within groups.

Grades K-12


Organize projects and tasks as a team or group and share progress with the entire team. Use Asana to help students remain on track with tests, studying, and deadlines. Encourage older students to create their own account and set up groups for projects.

Grades 4-12


Build your own 3D spaces using CoSpaces. Visit the gallery to view creations built by others. Encourage creativity in your classroom by challenging students to develop virtual exhibitions of artwork, landforms, animal habitats, or research results.

Grades 6-12

Ping Pong

Create an interactive network between hosts and respondents. Choose from five different options: multiple choice questions with four or five choices, true/false, send text, or send an image. Use with students for real-time formative assessment.

Download or Add-In Required

Cool edtech tools worth the time to download

Grades K-9

Collabrify Suite

This DAT (device agnostic tool) offers a spreadsheet, word processor, KWL tool, whiteboard, and mind mapping tool. Students can work together using their own devices to collaborate on any project. Collabrify Suite is available as an app and on the web.

Grades K-12


Get your online life organized! This free download allows you to access several services in one place: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Voxer, Linkedin, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and much more. Not finding the service you need? Add it manually.

Grades K-12


Is YouTube blocked at your school? Download and save online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and more) with ClipGrab. View and save your videos at home and be ready to share the next day in class. Share this handy tool with your students and colleagues.

Grades K-12


Highlight anything on the web with this extension for use on iPhones, iPads, Chrome, and Safari! Save or share with others through email or messaging (they don't need to have the extension to view). Share with students to use for research and studying.

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