February 14, 2021

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Health & Wellness Resources

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only heart-related observance this month! February is also American Heart Month. Discover resources in this section to teach your students ways to keep their hearts healthy.

Grades K-10

Be The Beat - Heart.org

Bring healthy heart lessons into your class with music, a short "upbeat" video, printable posters (PDFs), several social media resources, and links to additional materials. This resource includes lesson ideas for all grade levels.

Grades 7-12


This immersive site uses a crisis simulation that fuses interactivity and live-action film to teach CPR and how to help someone during a heart attack in a new way. Find answers to medical questions related to heart health, CPR, and choking.

Grades 8-12

HHMI - BioInteractive

Discover five virtual lab collections to explore genetics, heart diseases, nerve cells, and the immune system without a mess to clean or supplies to buy! Each lab includes learning objectives, a notebook area, quizzes, extra resources, and a help section.

National Children's Dental Health Month

Teach your students the importance of dental health and hygiene with these resources as part of National Children's Dental Health Month.

Grades K-12

TeachersFirst's Dental Health Resources

Whether you're planning a special lesson for Dental Health Month or using these resources for a related health unit, you will find useful ideas and strategies for helping your students learn about oral health.

Grades K-5

My Smile Kids

Learn about dental health as you explore games, stories, coloring pages, and the teeth of many different species! Find brushing and flossing tips, discover ways to keep track of the days you have brushed, and don't miss the engaging interactives.

Grades K-12

Animated Teeth: Dental Health Activities

Visit the many interactives on this site including topics like the dentist office, cavity prevention, types of teeth, parts of the mouth, tongue anatomy, and facial anatomy. There are quizzes, picture diagrams (infographics), terms, definitions, and more.

Tools to Promote Positive Mental Health

Good health means taking care of your mind as well as your body. Share these resources with students and families to engage in conversation about mental health topics. Find interactives, articles, lesson ideas, and other information. 

Grades 7-12

Go Ask Alice!

See answers to participant-submitted questions on topics like alcohol, emotions, nutrition, relationships, and sexuality. Click Fun Stuff to take several quick quizzes on sleep, stress, and nutrition. Don't miss the Q&A section for more information.

Grades K-6

Iris the Dragon

Raise student awareness and increase empathy for differences using this site that offers FREE, downloadable e-books to educate young children on mental health and wellness. Topics include ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, school anxiety, anger, worry, and more.

Grades 9-12

Depression Quest: An Interactive (non) Fiction Game

Help your students grow their awareness and understanding of what it’s like to live with depression. This interactive story includes about 150 unique encounters and five endings that depend on the choices you make for your character.

This Week at TeachersFirst

We invite you to join us this Tuesday (2/16) for our next OK2Ask® virtual workshop and on Thursday (2/18) for our next bi-monthly Twitter chat. Don't miss the blog post shared below to learn more about mental health (specifically self-care). And finally, we kindly ask for your input in our weekly poll. 

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Workshop: Tuesday, February 16, 7 PM ET

More Authentic Learning Activities with Jamboard

Learn more ways to use Jamboard to give every student an alternative way to reflect on learning and demonstrate content mastery. We will discuss the basics of using Google's Jamboard and explore strategies that foster 21st-century skills.

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Twitter Chat: Thursday, February 18, 8 PM ET

Authentic Assessment Strategies and Resources

Join our coaches this Thursday as we chat about authentic assessment. We will discuss the instructional goals of authentic assessments and explore strategies and resources for authentically assessing students. Use the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst.

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Infusing Technology Blog

10 Self-Care Resources for Educators

Read all about resources and ideas for improving your state of mind. Learn ways to reach out to a friend to support your social well-being. Listen to a podcast together, share a recipe, or join an online book club. Find new ways to take time for you.

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This week our poll asks: "How do you encourage healthy habits in your lessons?" Share what you include in your lessons to encourage physical and/or mental health.

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