February 18, 2018

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Celebrate Reading

Bookworms rejoice: Read Across America is coming up fast! Find related resources below to commemorate this literary-focused event. February's also the birth month of some famous authors including Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and more. And, find a complete list of this week's features by clicking the image above.

Grades K-12

Read Across America

Visit the official NEA Read Across America site! Find a planning calendar, classroom activities, and more. Learn about ways to participate with your class and in your community. Read the full review for additional technology integration ideas.

Grades K-6

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Take students back in time and examine comparisons between Wilder's book and the TV show. Read information about the people and places in Wilder's life, view photo galleries, and enjoy pioneer recipes from the blog.

Grades K-2

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

Bring this story to life for your young readers. This engaging site features games, printing, and videos. Some of the activities at this site include colors, shapes, numbers, letters, matching, easy art projects, videos, songs, and spatial reasoning.

Differentiation for Reading

Although similar, each of these tools offers unique features and opportunities to differentiate. Read the grade level recommendations and classroom use suggestions to find the best tool for your students. 

Grades 4-12


Check out this tool, created by a teacher of ESL/ELL. It provides a large variety of reading content in many different ability levels. Each article also includes a lesson plan, quiz, and audio reading of the story. Find beginner and advanced levels.

Grades 3-12


Stories at this site include critical thinking questions, an assessment, and Guided Reading Mode (in most). You can choose the size of the font, listen to the Read Aloud (and pause it), translate to Spanish, and Highlight.

Grades 2-12


Differentiate current events (nonfiction reading) with Newsela. The same story (with the same content) is available at five Lexile levels. Articles are aligned to Common Core standards and include quizzes based on the reading level of the story.

Reading Resources by TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst has many pieces of content ready for your classroom. This week we are highlighting our collection of interactive audio books (ideal for all grades), our newer Reading Treks, and a booklist to take you around the 50 states. Connect geography to your reading! 

Grades K-12

Reading Treks - Make Learning a Journey

If you haven't had a chance to learn about our TeachersFirst's Reading Treks, we invite you to explore. Find fiction and informational books at every reading level. Each Trek unit has a downloadable PDF with standards, Google Map KMZ files, and ideas.

Grades K-12

CurriConnects Book List: USA Regional Books

Travel around the fifty states and selected U.S. regions through stories! Move beyond basic state facts. This extensive list is sorted by state or region. Use these books for state reports, reading groups, or class read-alouds connected to geography.

Grades K-12

Interactive Audio Books

Find stories for all ages using interactive audio books. Explore these stories featuring both audio and visual prompts or interactivity to reinforce and inspire literacy skills and enjoyment as students read. Even young students can use this list!

This Week at TeachersFirst

Are you ready for Digital Learning Day (DLD) on Thursday? Use our DLD resources to bring you up to speed or expand your DLD activities. Also, our virtual workshop this week is all about differentiation using Symbaloo Learning Paths! Join us to learn about creating interactive, gameboard-style virtual lessons. And what Charles Dickens option will you vote for this week? Do tell us below!

  Digital Learning Day (DLD) image

Get involved now!

Digital Learning Day (DLD)

Are you joining the tens of thousands of educators and students across the country for the 6th annual DLD this week? Find ways to demonstrate how technology can improve student learning with our various "going digital" resources!

Get involved with DLD this week! »

  Digital Differentiation with Symbaloo Learning Paths image

This Tuesday (2/20) at 7pm ET

Digital Differentiation with Symbaloo Learning Paths

Differentiate your instruction with Symbaloo Learning Paths' interactive, gameboard-style virtual lessons. Create pathways for students to learn at their own speed using questions, videos, and more. Come join this hands-on virtual workshop!

Differentiate with Symbaloo here »

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Charles Dickens?

Weekly Poll

Does your class read any literature by Charles Dickens? Do you read it as a class or do students read independently.

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