January 20, 2019

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The Wonders of Geography

Take students on grand expeditions through national parks, the frigid continent of Antarctica, and countless locations around the world to unearth geographic finds using the virtual tours shared below!

Grades 4-12

A Teacher's Ultimate Destination for Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips open up the world and universe to students and teachers. Whether it's a teacher-guided group field trip or individual student projects, the wide array of virtual tours freely available add an exciting dimension to the classroom.

Grades 4-12

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Follow National Park Rangers on a remarkable journey in these 360-degree videos. Guides take viewers into the most interesting and little known places in six different park locations across the USA. Share on your projector!

Grades 3-12


Explore Antarctica's environment, and learn more about global warming challenges the continent faces, from BBC's Newsround correspondent Lizzie Greenwood's diaries as she recounts her experiences in sub-zero temperatures.

Where in the World. . .Geography

 Dive deep into a wide array of geography-themed subjects with our curated collection and test your knowledge with two interactive quiz tools.

Grades 2-12

Geography Awareness & Exploration Resources

Want to explore geography from space? Or see 40 maps that explain World War I? These and other tools are part of our geography collection, which includes websites and interactives covering natural resources, maps, landforms, climate, and more.

Grades 5-12

Country of the Week

The New York Times offers this "Country of the Week" interactive quiz. Start each week by finding the highlighted country on a map through multiple choice options. After choosing the correct location, scroll down the page to answer the questions.

Grades 5-12


Using a Google Street View interactive image of a location, your goal is to pinpoint the location on the world map with this knowledge quiz for geographers. Look around using Street View tools to help determine where you are.

New Releases

These three resources, each new to TeachersFirst, include a science + writing resource, map-based trivia, and instant street views! 

Grades 6-12

Open Explorer

Use these digital field journals for non-fiction reading in language arts or as examples of journal writing. Choose from map locations or popular and recent explorations. Journals Include geographic fieldwork, projects, and expeditions of all sizes.

Grades 8-12


This map-based trivia game tests your knowledge about major cities and their geographical location. Begin with a location clue found somewhere on the globe, then select where you think is being described. Earn points for how close you get.

Grades 4-12

Instant Street View

Instant Street View is similar to Street View on Google Maps, but it saves a step and takes you directly there. Type in any address to browse any location. When locations don't offer street view, a Google Map will be provided instead.

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Are you attending FETC? If yes, please stop by our booth (or attend one of our sessions) and say hello! Our virtual workshops continue this Tuesday at 7 pm ET and spotlight a tech tool smackdown you won't want to miss. Plus, share your response in our weekly poll which asks about when geography teaching begins.

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Visit us at booth #2437

Attending The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC)?

If you are attending FETC next week, stop by our booth (#2437) or visit one of our sessions. Melissa Henning and Katy Garvey will present on the topics of MakerSpace, Microsoft Tips and Tools, and Creating a Faculty Meeting Your Teachers Will Love!

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Tuesday (1/22) 7 pm ET

TeachersFirst Tech Tools Smackdown

Join us this Tuesday at 7pm ET. This OK2Ask virtual workshop will share and compare some of TeachersFirst contributors’ favorite resources. Help us decide which tool is the session winner of our Smackdown.

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Weekly Poll

This week's poll asks when students learn basic geography skills (i.e. continents, oceans, longitude, latitude). Share your thoughts and view the replies of other TeachersFirst readers.

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