January 23, 2022

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Science teachers: looking for a way to engage students while fostering their research and digital citizenship skills? Check out MySciLife, a free social media platform that helps students grades 5–9 build deeper connections to the content they’re learning, their classroom community, and the world around them.
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The Research Process in the Classroom

This week, we are sharing resources to help your students engage in and practice research skills. Find lesson plans, tools to organize research, interactives, and other information related to this important topic. 

Grades 5-12

50 Mini-Lessons for Teaching Student Research Skills

Check out these quick and helpful tips for teaching research skills to students from the middle primary grades through high school. Discover a variety of topics, including searching, clarifying, and citing sources, then explore activity ideas.

Grades 9-12

R4S: Research for Success

Share this interactive online course that helps high school students break down the formal research process into six steps: asking good questions, finding information, selecting the best, putting it together, your presentation, and making the grade.

Grades 4-10

Go! Ask, Act, Achieve

Go! Ask, Act, Achieve is an interactive, engaging, free online tool that helps students learn the formal research process. The information is divided into three modules, each introduced by teenage Voki avatars. Modules may include text, video, and audio.

Grades 4-12


Transform your students’ research with this tool that highlights and annotates web pages and allows students to easily save, share, organize, and collaborate on research. One option formats your bibliographies as you bookmark resources.

Grades 3-5

Research Resources for Teaching Remotely on Short Notice

Research projects are an excellent way to engage students in reading and critical thinking at the same time. This curated list shares resources you can use to teach students research skills during your blended or remote learning lessons.

Digital Citizenship for all Grades

An essential aspect of teaching research to students is educating them on the importance of digital citizenship. In this section, we are sharing resources you can use to teach your students about digital citizenship. 

Grades K-12

K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Dive into this curriculum for students in all grades from K–12. Create an account to access all lesson materials, including lesson plans, media, and student materials. Topics include media balance, digital footprint and identity, and other issues.

Grades K-6

Ruff Ruffman - Humble Media Genius

Ruff Ruffman is a comical canine who teaches kids ages 6–11 about being a responsible digital citizen. Short animated video clips answer questions about posting photos, texting, and searching. Discussion questions are included.

Grades 3-12

BrainPOP Digital Etiquette

Discover this interactive site with several resources for learning digital etiquette, including an engaging video that demonstrates proper etiquette while online or gaming and lesson ideas and activities that recognize cyberbullying.

Grades 3-5

Digital Passport

Digital Passport is an interactive, engaging, and effective way to teach and test the basics of digital citizenship. This site consists of five topical modules covering privacy, cyberbullying, communication, creative credit, and search.

This Week at TeachersFirst

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Tuesday, 1/25, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Jumpstart Student Research Projects with the Edge Browser

In this session, participants will learn ways to give students the support they need as they learn to navigate the research process by teaching them to use Microsoft Edge. Register now to save your seat!

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Infusing Technology Blog

Posts related to Research

This collection of blog posts all relate to research. Topics include primary sources, fake news, media literacy, and finding resources for research projects. Search through the entire collection with the research tag!

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